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Broncos and Patriots have come long way since playing in first AFL game 53 years ago

With the Boston…  er, New England Patriots and Denver Broncos playing in the AFC championship game yesterday, it was an apt time to talk about the two clubs meeting in the very first regular season AFL game, which was played on September 9, 1960.  Hank Gola, of The New Your Daily News, put together a nice article on that historic game that ran in yesterday’s newspaper and on their website.  You can fine it HERE. read more

A New Al Carmichael Card!!

1960 fleer al carmichaelIf you read my review of 106 Yards this week, then you know why I am excited to add this card to my collection. In addition to his other exploits, Al Carmichael scored the first regular season touchdown in AFL history!!

106 Yards by Al Carmichael – A Book Review

As a fan of all things AFL, I am constantly on the lookout for books that contain even the most tangential of AFL info.  I have all of the TSN guides, The Other League, Touchdown!, We Came of Age, Remember the AFL, and many more.  I also branch out into team chronicles and biographies, even if the subject player spent just a year in the American Football League.  At this point I probably have close to 200 books in my AFL library, but who’s really counting? read more

Notes on the First AFL Game – Broncos vs. Patriots

afl firsts chart

I recently picked up a book called 106 Yards, the autobiography of Al Carmichael, which I will review in the near future.  The book had a nice section of material pertaining to the 1960 Denver broncos, Carmichael’s lone season with the team.  One item that I found particularly interesting was a scanned page from a 1980 insert in The Denver Post, that listed several “AFL Firsts,” from the league’s first regular season game, a contest between the Denver broncos and Boston Patriots, on September 9, 1960. read more

Al Davis, the Oakland Raiders, and Equal Opportunity

One of the things that made the AFL so great (and competitive) was certain members’ willingness to open the game, and their teams, to the black athlete.  No coach or team owner was more influential in this area that Al Davis and his Oakland Raiders.  I recently found this fantastic NFL Films clip that discusses Al Davis’s influence on professional football in terms of the minority athlete. read more