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Houston Oilers Owner Bud Adams Passes Away

Houston Oilers owner, and original member of the Foolish Club, Bud Adams has passed away.  He was 90 years old.  An obituary can be found HERE.

Important Moments in AFL History Gallery

joe foss hired as afl commissioner

Joe Foss (center) is congratulated by Lamar Hunt (left) and Harry Wismer (right) after being named as the first commissioner of the AFL.

For the past few years I have been putting together a collection of wire service photos that represent some of the more important moments in AFL history.  I recently opened a new photo gallery for this collection, which can be found on the home page.  The gallery is titled, “Important Moments in AFL History.”

The gallery opens with a photo that was distributed by the Associated Press on August 1, 1959.  This image, which is the earliest piece of AFL memorabilia that I have found, shows a young Lamar Hunt, and carries the following caption: DALLAS, TEXAS – AUG 1 – SEEKS NEW FOOTBALL LEAGUE – Lamar Hunt, 26, son of oil billionaire H.L. Hunt of Dallas is seeking to organize a new pro football league which will try to start play in 1960. read more

The Blockbuster Trade that Didn’t Happen

Autographed 1962 Fleer Ernie LaddIt would have been a big one.  San Diego Chargers defensive stars Earl Faison and Ernie Ladd to the Houston Oilers in exchange for John Baker, Gary Cutsinger and Pete Jaquess.  The Oilers would receive a dominant pass rush, and the Chargers in return would get three fine defenders.  The deal was signed and sealed, but was blocked in the delivery, by AFL Commissioner Joe Foss.

Faison and Ladd had long been frustrated with the Chargers and their head coach, Sid Gillman.  As a result, both perennial all-stars decided to play out their options in 1965, and see what they could get on the open market.  Their impending free agency offered the team that could sign both, an opportunity to add an immeasurable upgrade to their defensive line.  Though seemingly out of the running, Gillman and the Chargers held out hope that they could resign the towering defenders and keep their defensive squad intact. read more