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An Interview with Tom Flores

One of the benefits of being an autographed card collector is that when I send a card in the mail to a former AFL player, I also have the opportunity to ask if they would be interested in doing an interview for Tales from the American Football League.  I had just such an experience recently when I sent an interesting new RetroCard (more on those in a future post!) to former Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Tom Flores. read more

Buffalo Bills’ Wray Carlton

Much is said about Cookie Gilchrist and his time in the Buffalo Bills backfield, and rightfully so.  However, the Bills had another fullback, named Wray Carlton, who was with the team from 1960-1967.  Not as flashy as Gilchrist, Carlton was your typical blue collar player.  A tough 6’2″ and 225 lbs, Carlton averaged 4.1 yards-per-carry over the course of his eight-year career.  Carlton was a two-time AFL All-Star (1965 & 1966), and led the AFL in yards-per-carry in 1962 (5.6) and rushing touchdowns in 1966 (6) read more

It was Pandemonium

keith lincoln & mike stratton

The Hit Heard ‘Round the World

This has been a fun decade, as seemingly everyday during the season we are coming up on a 50th anniversary of something to do with the AFL.  This year I have seen remembrances of the All-Star Game Boycott, Joe Namath signing his rookie contract, and others.  For Bills fans, December 26th marked not only the anniversary of Buffalo’s first AFL championship, but also of “The Hit Heard “Round the World.” read more

Dave Behrman Passes Away

Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos center, Dave Behrman, passed away this week at the age of 73.  A full obituary can be found below:

Former MSU All-American Dave Behrman dies at 73

Ralph Wilson Negotiates Old Rockpile Lease

Ralph Wilson Jr. (Owner)

Ralph Wilson Jr. (Owner)

It was 55 years ago yesterday that Ralph Wilson, owner of the Buffalo Bills, first met with Buffalo-area politicians to negotiate a lease for his team to play in The Old Rockpile.  A short story on this subject was posted yesterday in The Buffalo News, and can be found HERE.