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>Let’s Open the Blog!


Welcome to my new blog, Tales from the American Football League. I first became interested in the AFL in 1998, as a graduated student at the University of San Diego. While working as an intern in the archives of the San Diego Chargers, I chose to write about Sid Gillman for my masters thesis. Over the course of the next year, I learned all that I could about Sir Sidney by spending countless hours in several archives, watching any and all AFL and Chargers-related video, spending time with Gillman himself, and interviewing the Chargers of the 1960s. What developed was not only a great appreciation of Sid Gillman, but also a deep interest in the entire AFL. I became fascinated with the idea that a group of relatively young and inexperienced (though typically very wealthy) individuals could not only put together a professional league in a rather short period of time, but also that this league could challenge and eventually gain parity with the well-entrenched National Football League. read more