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Does Charlie Hennigan belong in the Hall of Fame?

banfeild email

His teammate, Tony Banfield thinks so.  After posting the hall of fame comparisons yesterday, I awoke to the above email from former AFL Houston Oiler, Tony Banfield.  I would love to hear from Willie Brown, as Tony said, and ask him for his thoughts on Charlie Hennigan.  I know Brown had some fantastic battles with lance Alworth.  Does he feel that Hennigan is HoF-worthy?  A lot of fans and former AFL’ers do! read more

101 Reasons to Love Charlie Hennigan

In researching and writing his fantastic book, Remember the AFL, Dave Steidel came to know many different legends of the American Football League.  Charlie Hennigan is one of those men with whom he now maintains a friendship.  Steidel penned (typed) this piece recently about the Houston Oilers perennial all-star. 

I spoke with an old friend today whom I have never met, have only ever spoken to three times and yet, each time I have spoken to him has been for over an hour and with the feeling as if I have known him for a lifetime.  He has so many memories about the AFL that I have always felt that I never had enough time, or focus, to truly do justice to our conversations. read more

A Hall of Fame Comparison – CHARLIE HENNIGAN

There is a feeling among AFL fans that the American Football League players are consistently overlooked for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  In truth there are many players, the bulk of whose careers were spent in the AFL, that deserve serious consideration, if not outright induction.  In an effort to spark some discussion regarding their hall of fame worthiness, I will occasionally compare AFL players to their NFL (and Hall of Fame) counterparts. The short biographies on the NFL players have been taken directly from the Pro Football Hall of Fame website. read more

Getting Ready for the All-Star Game

afl all-stars

1/10/63 – SAN DIEGO, CALIF:  Practicing for Sunday’s second annual American Football League All-Star game here are (l-r): end Ernie Warlick of Buffalo, end Charlie Hennigan of Houston, halfback Dick Christy of New York and end Jim Colclough of Boston.  UPI TELEPHOTO CA/fs