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CHARLIE JONES – A Voice For All Seasons

Guest blogger Dave Steidel remembers the voice of the AFL…

charlie jonesOkay, memorize these three phrases – “The Raiders have just been penalized 15 yards for unnecessary roughness” – “The Chargers will have a first and ten at the Miami 33 yard line trailing 13 to 3” – “Emerson Boozer takes the pitch, running left, now he cuts back to his right where he’s met by Oakland linebacker Dan Conners for a gain of 2 – which will bring up a third and four for the Jets at their own 14 yard line,”  Now close your eyes and in your best Charlie Jones voice recollection repeat the phrases.  Can you hear his voice?  See his silver hair and horned-rimmed glasses?  Feel like you’re a kid again on a late Sunday afternoon watching the second game of the AFL double-header from sun-drenched San Diego, Denver or Oakland?  I can do it every time!   For me, reminiscing about the AFL is always done with Charlie Jones’ voice doing the narrative.  Whether it’s reading a story in an old SPORT or Sports Illustrated magazine or replaying a game of an AFL season on the computer Charlie’s prominent voice is always there.  There are times when I just yearn for those thrilling days of yesteryear with his voice leading the way that I’ll pop in a DVD of AFL Highlights or This Week in the AFL which Charlie narrated and just savor the moment.  It’s like a springtime whiff of cherry blossoms or a mouth full to Trix cereal – it brings back all the best. What a time!  What a voice!  What a guy! read more