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Off-Season Autographed AFL Card Pick-Ups

One of my hobby passions is autographed 1960s football cards, so as usual, I spent time during the off-season adding signed AFL cards to my collection.  However, as my sets are in need of only a handful of rare cards, I was forced to get creative if I wanted to add anything new and interesting to my collection.  I put together a handful of player sets – Lance Alworth, Gino Cappelletti, John Hadl, Johnny Robinson – and picked up a few signed team cards, but the most fun that I had came in having players add interesting inscriptions to particular cards. read more

Chris Burford and Abner Haynes

autographed 1964 topps chris burford

#094 – Chris Burford

American Football League history is rife with stories of racial conflict.  Such was the case not only in the AFL, but in the country during the turbulent 1960s.  Through it all, however, bonds often developed between teammates, black and white, that began to blur the lines of segregation, and in many cases, helped usher in changes in civil rights policy.

I found the following story about two Dallas Texans and Kansas City Chiefs teammates, Chris Burford and Abner Haynes.  It is a nice article, and wonderful to see that Burford and Haynes remain friends to this very day, more than 50 years after they first met. read more

Lance Alworth Video Clip – A Gift from Chris Burford

Last month I had an opportunity to spend a morning with former Chiefs wide receiver, Chris Burford.  We watch video, talked AFL, and generally had a great time.  Before I left, Chris told me that he had a gift for me.  During his time in Kansas City, Chris worked as a sportscaster for one of the local television stations.  He said that he had acquired a film clip of Lance Alworth at some point during that time, and had long since forgotten what was on the film.  He knew of my affinity for Alworth, and wanted me to have the clip. read more

Chris Burford’s Big Day

On Friday, October 12, 1962, in a game between the Dallas Texans and Boston Patriots, receiver Chris Burford hauled in 10 receptions for 171 yards and a touchdown.  For his efforts, Burford was awarded a game ball.  When I met with Burford recently, he showed me the ball, which displays neatly in his home office.  Below is the game summary from that game (via, which the Texans won by a score of 27-7. read more

Chris Burford’s 1962 AFL Championship Ring

The Ring…  It is the tangible piece of the goal that all professional football teams have entering into each new season.  This is the ring that Chris Burford received after his Dallas Texans won the 1962 AFL championship game.

chris burfords ring

chris burfords ring