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AFL Memories with Chris Burford, Part II

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Earlier in the week I shared the first half of a discussion that I had last week with former Dallas Texans and Kansas City Chiefs star, Chris Burford.  Actually, “discussion” isn’t the correct word.  It was more of a rambling reminiscence.  As we flipped through a binder full of old AFL trading cards, Chris commented on the various players that he saw, and the memories that they rekindled. read more

AFL Memories with Chris Burford

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One of the most enjoyable “AFL experiences” that I have had was an afternoon spent with former Oakland Raiders teammates, Ben Davidson and Tom Keating.  For a two-hour period, Davidson and Keating looked through my collection of autographed AFL trading cards, laughing, swearing, and telling stories about the players they saw while flipping through those two binders.  The stories were many and fantastic, and to this day I kick myself for not having the foresight to somehow record the meeting.  I promised myself that if I ever had a similar opportunity that I would be sure to make an audio recording of the event. read more

Buried in the Depths of eBay – Chris Burford & Mack Lee Hill

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Mack Lee Hill prepares to run into the Patriots’ Ross O’Hanley.

One of the recent phenomena of eBay are the multitude of newspaper and magazine photo archives that have been slowly broken up and sold over the online auction site.  Collectors can find original and wire service prints of nearly every subject imaginable, from royal families to war criminals, sports figures to new automobiles, and everything in-between.

AFL fans can be satiated by these offerings as well; excellent photos from even the earliest days of the AFL are often available, and typically sell at very reasonable prices.  Over the past few months, photo negatives have been listed as well, and right now there are more than 100 listings for Boston/New England Patriots negatives from the 1960s and early 1970s. read more

Movin’ On Up – by Kansas City Chiefs Historian Bob Moore

Autographed 1960 Fleer Chris Burford

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One of the great sources for AFL articles and information is the Kansas City Chiefs web site.  The Chiefs have a Hall of Honor museum, employ a team historian (Bob Moore, who has been very helpful to me and this site), and take the business of documenting their history seriously.

In this recent article, brought to my attention by reader Todd Kurlan, Bob Moore explores the talent searches that made the Chiefs so dominant in the late 1960s.  Quoted liberally throughout the article is Chris Burford, an original Texans/Chiefs player, and one of the most active former players here on Tales from the American Football League. read more

Fan Interference! 1961 Patriots vs. Texans

In what has become known as one of the most comical plays in AFL history, a fan snuck out of the crowd and batted down a potential game-winning pass in a 1961 game between the Boston Patriots and Dallas Texans.  Perhaps the greatest thing about this play was that it was captured perfectly on film, preserved for generations of football fans.  Chris Burford and Chuck Shonta, the receiver and defender in this play, are both subscribers to Tales from the American Football League.  Perhaps they will weigh in on this bit of AFL history… read more