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Lookie, Lookie! It’s Finally Time for Cookie!

The Buffalo Bills announced today that Cookie Gilchrist will be their newest inductee into the Bills Wall of Fame.  It is a move that is long overdue.  Bad blood between Gilchrist and former Bills owner, Ralph Wilson, is said to be what has kept Gilchrist from an honor that he so richly deserved.  With the sale of the Bills to the Pegula family after Wilson’s passing in 2014, the path was cleared for Cookie’s induction. read more

An Interview with Harry Jacobs, Boston Patriots & Buffalo Bills

harry jacobs

Harry Jacobs

Being a collector of autographed AFL cards has helped me many times in the building of this site.  Most recently, I had an experience with former Patriots and Bills linebacker Harry Jacobs.  I had written a letter to Jacobs, requesting his signature on a 1964 Topps Buffalo Bills team card.  In my letter, I mentioned this site, and how I thought that readers would enjoy hearing whatever memories that he would be willing to share with us.  Roughly a week after I sent out my card, I received a note back.  Mr. Jacobs signed my card, and also wrote a brief note about how he would like to participate in a telephone interview. read more

Greatest Broncos Fullback – Cookie Gilchrist

Former Denver Broncos PR man, Jim Saccomano, posts fantastic stories on Broncos history to the team website.  Recently he detailed the turbulent career of famed fullback, Cookie Gilchrist. Although Cookie played for the Broncos some 50 years ago, Sacco’s praise of Gilchrist is still high, calling him, “by far the greatest Denver fullback and one of the greatest players that many have never heard of.” read more

50 Years Ago Today…

larry garron and houston antwine leave new orleans

JANUARY 11, 1965 – NEW ORLEANS – American Football League players Houston Antwine (L), and Larry Garron (R), of the Boston Patriots leave their hotel 1/11 after the AFL All-Star Game was cancelled because of charges of racial discrimination by 20 Negro players. The game scheduled for 1/16 has been moved to Houston.

…One of the greatest, yet most unknown protest in professional sports took place.  On January 11, 1965, 21 African-American football players from the American Football League walked out of the City of New Orleans, refusing to take place in the all-star game because of the discrimination that they had faced.  Led by Cookie Gilchrist and Art Powell, these men stood up for their beliefs, and in doing so made a statement that helped bring about integration in the South. read more


A couple of weeks back I posted an article that drew a connection between the recent Donald Stirling incident and the AFL All-Star boycott in 1965.  I still think that the comparison is a stretch, but anytime that the ’65 All-Stars can be recognized for their bravery is fine by me.

An article posted yesterday on The Mile High Report discusses current levels of perceived racism in professional sports, and talks a bit more about the New Orleans situation.  I used to be indifferent to the Redskins situation, and thought it was being blown out of proportion.  But then a friend’s simple question made me reverse my thinking.  “Would you walk up to a Native American and say, “Hi Redskin!”?”  Of course I would not.  Then why should the Washington football team continue to use the name?  History is a reason, I guess.  But just because we’ve done something one way forever doesn’t necessarily make it right. read more