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E.J. Holub is famous both for football and for his horse

The Dallas Texans and Kansas City Chiefs had a roster full of fantastic players – Abner Haynes, Len Dawson, Bobby Bell, Willie Lanier, Otis Taylor and many, many more.  So many, in fact, that is sometimes easy to overlook guys who maybe weren’t as well-known.  Guys like EJ Holub.  The following article by Ray Westbrook talks about what made Holub loved not only as a player, but as a teammate and person.  Like others, he was one of the colorful characters of the American Football League. read more

1960 Boston Patriots vs. Dallas Texans Radio Broadcast

I’ve always thought that baseball made for a better radio broadcast than football.  However, when you are talking about 50-year-old broadcasts, it’s all great.  I stumbled across this 17-minute radio clip on YouTube, and really enjoyed listening.  There is something special about closing your eyes and envisioning this game and the players involved.  Speaking of the players, several Tales from the American Football League subscribers are mentioned in just the first few minutes, including Chris Burford, Abner Haynes, Bill Krisher and Smokey Stover.  Enjoy! read more

Pre-Super Bowl III

Much has been said (especially since my recent photo postings) about Super Bowls I-IV.  They are fantastic subjects for debate, individually or collectively.  Great players, hall of fame coaches, big plays and ultimately, a 2-2 record between the leagues.

Not nearly as much is said about the world championship games that would have been played if the two leagues had arranged postseason contests beginning in 1960.  1960 Oilers vs. Eagles?  1963 Chargers vs. Bears?  Which AFL team would have been the first to knock off an NFL champion?  Or was the AFL simply not up to the NFL standard early on, as so many NFL enthusiasts like to shout from the rooftops? read more

50 Years Ago, the Chiefs Found a Home in Kansas City

Fifty years ago, the Lamar Hunt and the leadership of the Texans decided to forgo the fight for Dallas, and move their team to Kansas City.  The move came as a shock to many in and around the organization, as it appeared that the Texans were becoming a better team that their NFL counterparts, the Dallas Cowboys.

A great article was recently written by Vahe Gregorian titled, Fifty years ago, the Chiefs found a home in Kansas City. read more

Hope for Johnny Robinson?

We have all long-lamented the fact that Johnny Robinson is still not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  I have written an article about the situation that was posted tot he Kansas City Chiefs website (Why is Johnny Robinson not in the Hall of Fame?), and put together a Hall of Fame Comparison for good measure.  Sadly, my meager efforts have joined the throngs of others that appear to have fallen on deaf ears over the decades. read more