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A Look Back at Remember the AFL by Dave Steidel

I have mentioned at times how much I enjoy Dave Steidel’s book, Remember the AFL, and it is not just because Dave contributes articles to this site (though I love those as well!).  Steidel really did a fantastic job on his book, and elements that would be attractive to all types of AFL fans.  Stories, trading cards, statistics, and much more are scattered throughout the book.

I was digging around online, when I stumbled upon this interview that Dave Steidel did with Sports Collectors Daily.   The interview is now several years old, but it contains info and ideas that are still relevant today. read more

Cookie Gilchrist – AFL Entrepreneur

The more that I learn about him, the more I become fascinated with Cookie Gilchrist.  There was just so much life packed into his 70+ years.  Not all good, and not all bad, Cookie seemingly lived life at a pace that far outstrips the majority of people.  It is so unfortunate that CTE began to rob him of his mental faculties in the 1970s, some 40 years before his death.  There is no telling what the man may have accomplished. read more

Rejects & Hall of Famers

Here is a very interesting piece written by guest blogger, Dave Steidel, on the fine line between being a success or failure in 1960s prefessional football.

In the early days of the AFL there was enough finger pointing and name calling to feed a Presidential race for years.  With the NFL refusing to give an inch in battle for fans and notoriety they usually resorted to claims that anyone playing in the new league was either unwanted, over-the-hill, not good enough or just plain rejects from the boastful, patriarchal NFL!  Players labeled thusly included the likes of George Blanda (Oilers and Raiders), Jack Kemp (Chargers/Bills), Len Dawson (Texans/Chiefs), Tobin Rote (Chargers), Don Maynard (Titans), Ron McDole and John Tracey (Bills), Art Powell (Titans), and Lionel Taylor (Broncos) to only name a few, all having played and then left go by teams in the NFL.   And it would not be a stretch of the imagination to say that many of the teams in the older league could have used the services of these “rejects” had they been able to recognize and realize their true talent and worth that came to light once given a chance in the AFL.  But in the fifties and sixties NFL, you paid your dues as  long as your team saw fit, you played the positions coaches told you to play and were expected to do with smile and a “thank you” as long as you were under their iron fists.  Like in “Thank you sir, may I have another?” as you are being whipped and wasted. read more