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The 1966 Broncos vs. Oilers Series

One of the great things about the old AFL is the fantastic rivalries between teams.  Chargers vs. Raiders.  Raiders vs. Chiefs.  Texans vs. Oilers…

A recent article on the website talks about the two games between the Denver Broncos and Houston Oilers in 1966.  While not one of the league’s classic rivalries, author Jim Saccomano outlines the first matchup of the season that resulted in a 45-7 drubbing of the Broncos.  Ode Burrell’s disparaging remarks about the Broncos fueled their fire for the rematch a few weeks later, which Saccomano will cover in his next installment. read more

Early Denver Broncos Socks

The early Denver Broncos take a lot of heat for their ugly uniforms, and rightfully so.  The Broncos were one of the least financially-sound teams of the early AFL.  Penny-pinching general manager Dean Griffing bought the uniforms second-hand, from an all-star game that had cast them away.

I’ve heard that when Jack Faulkner took over for Frank Filchock as Broncos head coach in 1962, he organized a bonfire and torched the old uniforms, ushering out the old era, and bringing in the new.  At least one pair of the old socks resides in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  I’d head rumor that Lou Saban had kept a pair back for himself as well. read more

Saccomano: I Remember When…

When the 2013 NFL season came to an end, so did the career of the Denver broncos Vice President of Corporate Communications, Jim Saccomano.  “Sacco,” as he is affectionately known, worked in the Broncos media relations world for 36 years, worked his way through 876 Broncos games, 27 Super Bowls and four books about the Broncos over his storied career.

Fortunately for fans, Jim Saccomano is still out and about, writing about football and his many memories.  The Denver Broncos website recently featured a piece called Saccomano: I Remember When…, in which the sports media legend recalls many great stories from the early Broncos years.  It is truly enjoyable stuff. read more

Gene Mingo Finally Gets His Due

Gene Mingo, a charter member of the Denver Broncos and multi-faceted talent, was finally selected for a spot in the Broncos Ring of Honor last week.  The recognition is long overdue, though no-less justified because of the delay.  The Denver Post put together a nice piece on Mingo, and his Ring of Fame classmates, Rick Upchurch and Dan Reeves.

Gene Mingo, Rick Upchurch, Dan Reeves elected to Broncos’ Ring of Fame read more

Denver’s 1966 “Bucking Bronco” Helmet

The good folks at Helmet Hut do football collectors and historians a great service with their documentation and museum-quality reproductions of helmets from years past.  In addition, they “rescue” old helmets whenever possible, ensuring that these old relics remain a part of our culture for as long as possible.

The following article gives the history behind the Broncos much-loved “Bucking Broncos” logo and helmet.  A bonus is the wonderful close-up images of an authentic piece of AFL history. read more