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An Interview with the Chargers Dick Harris

Dick Harris was a defensive back for the Chargers from 1960-1964.  Known as “Chuckles,” because of his knack for being a team clown, Harris hauled in 28 interceptions in his five seasons in the Chargers backfield.  This interview took place in July, 2003.

autographed 1962 fleer dick harris

#84 – Dick Harris

AFL – Tell me about how you came to the Chargers.

DH – What happened was that I sort of jumped around a lot from college to college.  I was actually supposed to go to SC and play tailback in the single wing after Jon Arnett.  I screwed around and ended up going to a bunch of different places.  When they formed the league, coach Phil Cantwell, who was at the time when I was growing up, had watched me play in high school.  He was the Mary Star coach.  He remembers me playing against the pros when I was in high school in a touch league.  I believe I made most valuable at the time.  But then I went on and screwed around and wasn’t very successful in college.  He just recommended me and that’s how it got started.  The three teams that contacted me were Green Bay, Baltimore Colts and the L.A. Chargers at the time. read more