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Remembering the Coach’s Kid – George Wilson Jr.

Author Dave Steidel takes a look at the rather sad story of Miami Dolphins quarterback, George Wilson, Jr.

autographed 1967 topps george wilson

#076 – George Wilson

No doubt several readers of Tales have coached at least one of their children in some sport.  I have read that over 85% of people who coach youth sports have children on their teams.  That percentage drops significantly as athletes grow older and begin their careers as high school, then college players and drops to next to nothing for those who reach the professional level.  But in 1966 the Miami Dolphins had the anomaly in George Wilson Jr. who played for his father George who was the head coach for the AFL’s first expansion team.  Some would say that would be a dream situation with the perception that being a professional athlete, let alone a pro football player playing for your father, would be the best of all possible worlds.  For George Wilson Jr. the reality of his situation was a short lived perception. read more