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A Look Back at Jim Lee Hunt

Last week I read a nice piece on the Boston Patriots’ Bob Dee that had been forwarded to me by a Tales reader. This wee that same site posted a new article on Dee’s linemate, Jim Lee “Earthquake” Hunt. Hunt was often overlooked in a line up that featured Dee, Houston Antwine and Larry “Wildman” Eisenhauer, but his play ranks him up with the best of the AFL’s defensive linemen. A 10-year player, Hunt was not a stereotypical lineman in size, standing just 5’11” tall and weighing in at 255 lbs. However, his play answered any questions that his stature might raise. “Earthquake” was a four-time AFL All-Star and four-time Second Team All-Pro. read more

“Earthquake” Hunt Gets His Man

jim hunt and john hadl

I am in the midst of scanning more than 1,000 vintage Chargers images from the 1960s.  Tons of game action from the entire decade.  I very much enjoy looking at the details of each photo, identifying the players, checking out the backgrounds, stadium backdrops and the like.  I came across this image from the August 27, 1966 preseason game between the Chargers and Patriots at Balboa Stadium.  The image shows the Patriots’ Jim Lee Hunt hitting John Hadl on a pass rush,a move that would likely get him a 15-yard penalty today, but was perfectly legal in the 1960s.  Jim “Earthquake” Hunt was a four-time AFL All-Star and one of just 20 10-year AFL players. read more

Favorite AFL Images – Jim Lee Hunt

jim lee hunt

As I mentioned with the Fred Arbanas and Frank Buncom image last week, eBay has been a great source for quality, color AFL images lately.  I have picked up several, with this being one of my favorites.

Since first learning about him, I have had an interest Jim Lee “Earthquake” Hunt.  I am not exactly sure of the source of my interest; maybe it is that he had such a cool nickname – they say the ground rumbled when he rushed the quarterback.  Perhaps it is because he is one of just 20 men to play all 10 seasons of the AFL.  Or it could be that because he passed away so young (on November 22, 1975, at the age of 37), he is the least-known of the Patriots line that included Bob Dee, Larry Eisenhauer and Houston Antwine.  Regardless, Hunt is sadly overlooked by those outside of the Patriots fan base. read more

Jim Hunt – From the 1965 Boston Patriots Team Yearbook

Jim Hunt 79

Originally played for Pop Ivy’s St. Louis Cardinals…  Left Cards one Friday afternoon in 1960 and reported to the Pats in Boston that evening at twenty to eight…  “When can you be ready?” the coach asked.  “When is the game?” replied the pride of Prairie View.  “In twenty minutes,” the coach answered.  “I will be ready when they kick the ball into the air,” said Jim…  Jim was ready and he played one of the finest games of his career that night…  dubbed “Earthquake” by Pats’ broadcaster Bob Gallagher, Jim is also called “Pickles”…  Strongest suit is ability to blitz passer…  Earthquake and Houston Antwine are affectionately known as the “Goldust Twins.” read more

Jim Lee Hunt Video Tribute

Jim Lee Hunt was a dominant defensive lineman for the Boston Patriots, and one of just 20 men to have a place on an AFL roster for all 10 seasons of the league’s existence.  Along with Houston Antwine, Bob Dee and Larry Eisenhauer, Hunt helped form one of the most devastating defensive lines in AFL history.  Sadly, Hunt passed away in 1975.

The video above was produced by the Patriots, and filmed and posted to YouTube by Hun’t son, Gregory. read more