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1966 New York Jets Preview

Sports Illustrated had lofty preseason praise for the 1966 New York Jets.  Coming off a 5-8-1 record in ’65, Joe Namath was developing well behind a strong offensive line, and had great offensive tools in Maynard, Sauer, Snell and Boozer.  The defense, however, was shaky, with several new players at key positions.  The end result was a 6-6-2 record for Weeb, Joe and the boys, but in just two short years they would stun the world with their victory in Super Bowl III! read more

Janaury 2, 1965 – Joe Namath Signs

joe namath - 01.02.1965

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Jan. 2 — RICHEST ROOKIE EVER ??  Alabama quarterback Joe Namath (right) looks at contract held by New York Jets coach Weeb Ewbank which Namath signed today making him possibly the richest rookie in football or any other sports.  The contract will reportedly bring Namath $300,000 salary in the next three years, $100,000 in bonuses, and a guaranteed lifetime pension of $5,000 a year. read more

Joe Namath, David Letterman, and the truth behind the Namath rookie card!!!

Here is a fun interview that David Letterman did with Jets legend, Joe Namath.  And despite being a card collector since the age of five, I’ve never heard the story that Joe tells about his rookie card!  Have you?

Joe Namath & Bubba Smith – Super Bowl III

joe namath and bubba smith

Rounding out a week of great AFL photos…

1/12/69 – (SUPER BOWL) – MIAMI : The Nw York Jets quarterback Joe Namath is dwarfed by Baltimore Colts defensive end Bubba Smith in this second period action int he Super Bowl 1/12.  The Colts put a vicious rush on Namath, perhaps realizing that as Namath goes, so go the Jets.

A Different Take on Joe Namath’s Knee, etc.

Millions and millions of words have been spoken, typed and written about New York Jets quarterback, Joe Namath.  So many words, in fact, that most new articles that are written just hash over the exact same subjects that we have all read countless times before – Joe Namath’s knee…  Joe Namath’s contract…  Joe Namath’s audacity…  Joe Namath’s women…  And so on, and so forth. read more