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A Break, A Wrench And A March Of New Quarterbacks

Back before Bob Griese was leading the Miami Dolphins to an undefeated season, the AFL expansion team had its share of quarterback woes.  This old Sports Illustrated article talks about some of the trials and tribulations that the Dolphins had to endure before finding their premier signal caller.

An Interview with the Dolphins and Bengals John Stofa

autographed 1969 topps john stofa

#048 – John Stofa

A couple of weeks ago, I posted my first audio interview, which I did with former Texans and Chiefs linebacker, Smokey Stover.

Here is the second interview that I did that day, this one with former Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, John Stofa.  John had a fascinating AFL career in that he led both of the league’s expansion franchises during their inaugural seasons.  So sit back and begin your weekend a bit early with this conversation with John Stofa. read more