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1963 Kansas City Chiefs Highlight Reel

I was bouncing around YouTube this evening when I stumbled across this Chiefs highlight reel from 1963, their first year in Kansas City.  This team, which had won an AFL championship the previous season in their final incarnation as the Dallas Texans, finished in third place in the AFL Western Division with a 5-7-2 record.  After starting the season with a 59-7 drubbing of the Broncos in Denver, the Chiefs tied Buffalo, lost to the Chargers and beat the Oilers for a respectable 2-1-1 record after four games.  Six losses and a tie later however, and the Chiefs were too far behind the Chargers and Raiders to have any hope of taking a second consecutive division title. read more

New Images in Super Bowl I Gallery

Kansas City Chiefs Mascot

Super Bowl Entertainment

I’ve picked up a few new photo negatives from Super Bowl I, and added them to the gallery.  These are particularly interesting in that one is Len Dawson making a pass, and the other two pertain to the pregame or halftime marching band.  Great stuff that though exciting for the time, shows the simplicity of the early Super Bowl when compared with the modern behemoth.


New Super Bowl I Photo Gallery

super bowl i

Len Dawson looks down the Packers defensive line.

I’ve been busy at my desk lately, scanning, cropping, uploading and prepping many of the new AFL images that I have collected in recent weeks.  The results will be several new photo galleries to add to the site.

This newest gallery features images from Super Bowl I.  The first four images come from a scrapbook that I purchased more than a decade ago.  The person featured had won a pair of tickets to Super Bowl I in a radio contest.  He took four photos of the pregame stadium with his personal camera.  The resulting images were the views from his seats. read more

1963-66 Spalding Advisory Staff Photos

1968 spalding green border photo - len dawson

1968 Spalding Green Border Photo – Len Dawson

During the mid-late 1960s, the Spalding Sporting Goods Company issued a number of roughly 8″x10″ photos of professional football players who were members of their “Advisory Staff.”  These photos are simple, yet attractive, and feature many of the top players of the era.  Unfortunately, only one AFL players is featured amongst several photo sets – Len Dawson.

There are four different Spalding sets that were released between 1963-1968, one with a simple white border, and then others with brown (1966), red (1967) and green (1968) “wood” framed borders.  Dawson photos are included in the white (though he is featured in a Pittsburgh uniform), and green border sets. read more

1960s Kansas City Chiefs Postcards

bert coan postcardI purchased a postcard the other day.  No, it didn’t come from one of those ubiquitous carousel display racks, but rather from eBay.  It is a beautiful color postcard of the Kansas City Chiefs running back, Bert Coan running downfield.  In the backfield Len Dawson watches Coan’s progress, as does downed Chargers lineman, George Gross, who looks to have just missed a tackle.  I find the postcard very attractive, and had hoped that there might be more Chiefs postcards from a series, or something along those lines.  I had seen a handful of the Coan cards up for sale over the years, but never another player. read more