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Anatomy of an Autographed Game Program

Since unloading the majority of my collection this past summer, I have been very hesitant to jump back into collecting.  I have picked up a few signed AFL cards, my old standby, but I haven’t purchased any memorabilia.  I suspect the main reason is that I once had such a large collection that it is an odd feeling to start almost completely over.  Still, I love the old AFL, and routinely look around for items that I would enjoy. read more

“They’ve Stayed Away by the Thousands…”

paul lowe

We all know that the Chargers left Los Angeles after the 1960 season because they couldn’t draw enough fan support to their games.  But what does that really mean?  At the time, the Coliseum had a seating capacity of more than 100,000.  The Chargers averaged fewer than 16,000 fans to each of their home games.  Take a look at the accompanying photos to get an idea of the seating bowl during a 1960 Chargers game. read more

Favorite AFL Images – August 6, 1960 – Paul Lowe

paul lowe

Most AFL fans know that the first-ever play in Chargers history, a preseason game against the New York Titans, Paul Lowe took the opening kickoff and returned it 105-yards for a touchdown.  It was the first play in an exciting career, for an exciting team.  The photo above shows Lowe making his magical run on that historic day.

1960 Los Angeles Chargers Ticket Placard

One of the first pieces that I ever added to my football collection, this 1960 Los Angeles Chargers ticket sales placard remains one of my favorites.  Roughly 8-10 of these have come available on ebay since 2004.

1960 chargers ticket placard

November 27, 1960 – Chargers vs. Raiders

1960 chargers vs raidersThough dulled in recent years by neither team harboring legitimate playoff hopes, the Chargers and Raiders have clashed in many fantastic games over the years, and thus have constructed a fine rivalry, even if it is only recognized in Oakland and San Diego (and perhaps Los Angeles).  I recently picked up an handful of 1960 Los Angeles Chargers game programs, including one from the November 27, 1960 game, the first regular season contest between the two clubs. read more