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An Interview with Harry Jacobs, Boston Patriots & Buffalo Bills

harry jacobs

Harry Jacobs

Being a collector of autographed AFL cards has helped me many times in the building of this site.  Most recently, I had an experience with former Patriots and Bills linebacker Harry Jacobs.  I had written a letter to Jacobs, requesting his signature on a 1964 Topps Buffalo Bills team card.  In my letter, I mentioned this site, and how I thought that readers would enjoy hearing whatever memories that he would be willing to share with us.  Roughly a week after I sent out my card, I received a note back.  Mr. Jacobs signed my card, and also wrote a brief note about how he would like to participate in a telephone interview. read more

Bills Add Saban to Wall of Fame

For many years, fans of the 1960s Buffalo Bills have wondered why former Bills head coach, Lou Saban, had been overlooked for inclusion on the team’s Wall of Fame.  Saban led the Bills to their lone AFL championships with victories over the favored-Chargers.

The pro-Saban chants seemed to increase in recent years – several articles were written and an Add LOU SABAN to Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame Facebook page was created.  But more years passed, and still Saban remained on the outside. read more

The Photography of Robert L. Smith – Buffalo Bills

I first began to appreciate the photography of Robert L. Smith, when I picked up his book, A View Through the Lens of Robert L. Smith, 1960-1995.  The book covers Smith’s first 35 years as the Buffalo Bills team photographer, and is absolutely loaded with wonderful images from Ralph Wilson’s original AFL team.

Smith, whose first job with the Bills was to shoot the team’s press photos in 1960, has shot some of the game’s greatest names over the years, from Kemp and Gilchrist to Kelly and Reed, and hundreds in-between.  Among his most popular works are “The Hit Heard Round the World,” a perfectly-timed shot of Mike Stratton’s legendary hit on Keith Lincoln in the 1964 AFL Championship Game, and “Football Ballet,” in which Paul Costa makes an overhead catch of a Kemp pass that fell just beyond the hands of an outstretched Patriots defender. read more

Lou Saban Named Patriots Head Coach

lou saban

ASSOCIATED PRESS PHOTO : SABAN NAMED COACH – Lou Saban, 38, was named head coach Feb. 8 of the Boston entry in the new American Football League.  He has been coaching at Western Illinois at Macomb, IL, for the past three seasons.  2-8-60

Tales from Buffalo Bills’ Paul Guidry

A little more than a week ago, I sent a broadcast email to all of the former AFL players for whom I have contact info.  I explained that as they may have noticed, I had begun using occasional guest bloggers on Tales from the American Football League, and I offered to post their articles if they had an interest in sharing their stories with our readers.  I am happy to say that some of them wrote back, and said that they would enjoy participating in the blog. read more