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Talk of Fame Network – Otis Taylor for Hall of Fame?

Ron Borges, Rick Gosselin and Clark Judge get it.  They are all longtime football writers, and all three have hall of fame votes.  Fortunately for us, they appreciate the history of the AFL as well.  Recently on their site, the Talk of Fame Network, Rick Gosselin posted an article titled State Your Case: Why WR Otis Taylor Deserves a Look from Canton.

The summary as stated by a HoF voter?  Otis Taylor deserves enshrinement… as do Charlie Hennigan and Lionel Taylor. read more

Otis Taylor Highlight Video

Several weeks ago I posted a Hall of Fame Comparison for Otis Taylor, former Kansas City Chiefs receiver.  At 6’3″ and 215-lbs, Taylor was one of the early dominant big receivers, and he spent several years wreaking havoc among secondaries throughout AFL and later NFL.  Recently, a reader commented on a post, and included an excellent Otis Taylor highlight video in this response, which you can view above.  What impressed me the most about Taylor was not his hands or ability to catch the ball, but his quickness, speed and maneuverability after catching the ball.  For a big man, Taylor could really move. read more

A Hall of Fame Comparison – OTIS TAYLOR

There is a feeling among AFL fans that the American Football League players are consistently overlooked for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  In truth there are many players, the bulk of whose careers were spent in the AFL, that deserve serious consideration, if not outright induction.  In an effort to spark some discussion regarding their hall of fame worthiness, I will occasionally compare AFL players to their NFL (and Hall of Fame) counterparts. The short biographies on the NFL players have been taken directly from the Pro Football Hall of Fame website. read more

Otis Taylor

I put this together a few years ago when I wanted to see how Otis Taylor stacked up against hall of fame receivers.  In my mind, Taylor is another AFL player who has been snubbed by the hall of fame voting committee.

Autographed 1966 Topps Otis Taylor

“Well, first of all, [Otis] deserves to be in because when you talk about an era of football players that he played in he was as good, or better than all of them. He was the first, or one of the first big men, I’m saying that he was about 6’3”, 215 or 220 pounds with sprinter’s speed and just a tremendous athlete.” – Len Dawson, Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback and Hall of Fame Member read more