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Rod Sherman – of the Oakland Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals

Rod Sherman joined the Oakland Raiders as a rookie in 1967, went to the Cincinnati Bengals int eh AFL expansion draft, and then was traded back to the Raiders in 1969.  As such, he was a part of several interesting parts of AFL history.  Sherman recently caught up with Tales from the American Football League, and spoke about his life in the AFL.

AFL – Talk about the process you went through getting into the American Football League. read more

My Favorite Dan Birdwell Story by Rod Sherman

autographed 1964 topps dan birdwell

#133 – Dan Birdwell

In my years of studying the AFL, I have learned that if I am speaking with a former Oakland Raider, that it behooves me to mention Dan Birdwell.  Birdwell, a Raiders defensive lineman, was a classic AFL character, and a legend among former players.  Dan Birdwell stories still run rampant through the AFL brotherhood, more than 30 years after his early death.  This Birdwell classic, as told by former Raiders and Bengals receiver, Rod Sherman, is the first is what will be the occasional, but entertaining theme of “My Favorite Dan Birdwell Story.” read more