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Sports Illustrated’s 1963 AFL Preview

Autographed 1963 Fleer Tobin Rote

#68 – Tobin Rote

I really enjoy looking over past football preview articles and magazine issues, and seeing how players, teams and seasons shook out in comparison to the experts’ prognostications.  I like to figure out what was not taken into account, see how unexpected injuries factored in, and what the upsets were.  In this vein, I took a look at a 1963 AFL Preview in the SI Vault.  You can find the entire article HERE. read more

>Sports Illustrated does the AFL


Sports memorabilia collectors come in many shapes and sizes, and consequently, so do their collections.  Since coming out with their first issue on August 16, 1954, Sports Illustrated magazine has had a dedicated following among collectors who prize SI for its wonderful covers, which typically feature fantastic imagery from the most current and important of athletic events. read more