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Van Miller to be Honored

The Buffalo Bills announced this week that the newest member of the Bills Wall of Fame will be longtime play-by-play radio man, Van Miller.  Miller became the voice of the Bills, calling his first game at War Memorial Stadium on July 30, 1960, and continued through his retirement in 2003 (he took a seven-year hiatus from 1971-1977).  Miller became as much a part of the Bills as Ralph Wilson, Jack Kemp and Jim Kelly. and now, at 86 years of age, he will be enshrined with the greatest to wear the Bills uniform.  Right where he deserves to be. read more

Van Miller Remembers

I seem to be going a little heavy on Buffalo Bills posts lately, but I just keep on finding such neat stuff.  Along the same lines of yesterday’s Al Bemiller interview, here is a similar one with longtime Bills announcer, Van Miller.  Miller did the play-by-play for the Bills from 1960-1971, and again from 1977-2003.  He has seen a lot of interesting football in his days, and shares some of those memories in the video above. read more