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The High Life and Too-Good Times of Walt Sweeney

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#173 – Walt Sweeney

Here is a very interesting piece by guest blogger, John Freeman.  Most of the articles on this site generate pleasant memories.  Others insight moderately-heated debate among old fans, but all is done with a  general love of the game or a team in-mind.  This post may just make readers squirm a bit – it did me.  However, the things that Freeman outlines here did occur, with the Chargers, and likely with other teams as well. read more

An Interview with the Chargers Walt Sweeney

Walt Sweeney, the Chargers perennial all-star guard, passed away this weekend after a short, but intense battle with pancreatic cancer.  I was fortunate to have known Walt over the last 15 years, and while he had his demons in drugs and alcohol, I know that Walt Sweeney was a good and caring person.  I did the following interview with Walt in December of 1998, at his home at Lake Tahoe.

autographed 1965 topps walt sweeney

#173 – Walt Sweeney

WS – As far as strategy and passing stuff goes, I really can’t help you too much there.  I knew if there was a guy on me, I had to block him.  That’s pretty much it.  That’s why I’m not coaching. read more

Former Chargers Guard Walt Sweeney Passes Away

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#126 – Walt Sweeney

Walt Sweeney, the longtime San Diego Chargers offensive guard passed away yesterday at home, surrounded by his children.  Sweeney had recently been diagnosed with a late-stage form of cancer.  He was 71 years old.

A comparison of Sweeney’s career against guards in the Pro Football Hall of Fame can be found HERE.

A Hall of Fame Comparison – WALT SWEENEY

autographed 1965 topps walt sweeney

#173 – Walt Sweeney

There is a feeling among AFL fans that the American Football League players are consistently overlooked for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  In truth there are many players, the bulk of whose careers were spent in the AFL, that deserve serious consideration, if not outright induction.  In an effort to spark some discussion regarding their hall of fame worthiness, I will occasionally compare AFL players to their NFL (and Hall of Fame) counterparts. read more

Off Guard – A Book Review

off guardWalt Sweeney was the San Diego Chargers first round draft choice in 1963.  During his 13-year career in the AFL & NFL, Sweeney was voted to nine consecutive All-Star/Pro Bowl teams (1964-1972).  He was named to the AFL Alll-Time Second Team, the San Diego Chargers 50th Anniversary Team, and was inducted into the Chargers Hall of Fame.  He is one of the former AFL players most deserving of recognition by the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Walt Sweeney accomplished all of this, and much more, as a rabid alcohol and drug abuser. read more