Denver’s 1966 “Bucking Bronco” Helmet

autographed 1966 topps goose gonsoulin

The good folks at Helmet Hut do football collectors and historians a great service with their documentation and museum-quality reproductions of helmets from years past.  In addition, they “rescue” old helmets whenever possible, ensuring that these old relics remain a part of our culture for as long as possible.

The following article gives the history behind the Broncos much-loved “Bucking Broncos” logo and helmet.  A bonus is the wonderful close-up images of an authentic piece of AFL history.

1966 Bucking Bronco

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  1. Eddie Arminio says:

    That’s a great logo for a helmet. The Broncos should have a fan poll, and I think that would beat the present helmet hands down. Same holds true with the Charger helmet with the numbers on it,and the Patriot helmet with Pat Patriot on it.

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