Does Charlie Hennigan belong in the Hall of Fame?

banfeild email

His teammate, Tony Banfield thinks so.  After posting the hall of fame comparisons yesterday, I awoke to the above email from former AFL Houston Oiler, Tony Banfield.  I would love to hear from Willie Brown, as Tony said, and ask him for his thoughts on Charlie Hennigan.  I know Brown had some fantastic battles with lance Alworth.  Does he feel that Hennigan is HoF-worthy?  A lot of fans and former AFL’ers do!

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  1. afl says:

    Charlie Hennigan was still having big seasons through 1964 at age 29, his most productive season that, arguably. Hennigan was 30 when his production began to dip – same age Lance Alworth’s decline.

    It always struck me odd the claim ‘poor AFL defense’ (defensive backfields, particular) was the real reason for so many productive AFL wide receivers, in general. Never heard that regarding Alworth’s production. Lance was great but didn’t walk on water, so twas either all inclusive the advantage or not; maybe there were several WRs who were great, Hennigan good as any.

    Though subjective, Lance was the best in football to me, modern latter’s to include Jerry Rice no better nor even as good arguably and so many different factors to consider. Among them:

    Hennigan got a late start at age 25 AFL, otherwise his stats would have likely been even greater… pretty impressive anyway consideration the difference eras (# of games played, rules in force then defense (no 5 yard bump rule) and the modern catering to offense that has really basterdized/made irrelevant for comparison sake statistics, my opine.)

    Whether due age, injury or impact, players such as Sayers NFL & Namath AFL among others are Hall of Famers due criteria other than pure stats. Hennigan considered, should be no different, ditto an Art Powell and Lionel Taylor (Taylor in fact might deserve a medal as well a HOF enshrinement, as all due respect to teammates he was about the only offensive threat DEN had through the years, unlike some guys had more offensive help draw defenses away from them.)

    This creme de la creme sense that somehow making it harder to be enshrined/having less AFL members makes the venue more genuine sorta flies in the face of reason. ‘Greatest team’ of all-time as player(s) same is a fun exercise of opinion, but will never lead to consensus. Limiting & nitpicking by whim one era/player vs another in no way advances the mission of trying distinguish ‘great’ from ‘very good’ whatever that is (it’s patent folly actually.) There’s no validation or final arbiter greater than each of us fans, and that Hall of Fame exists in our memories collectively if distinctly our own, to hell with Canton’s version.

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