Five New Interviews

herb travenio
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I’ve added five more interview transcriptions to the site – George Gross, Gerry McDougall, Hank Schmidt, Harold Akin and Herb Travenio.  You can find them HERE.

I took a look at my archives, and it appears that I still have about 40 more transcriptions to post, names like Keith Lincoln Paul Lowe, Walt Sweeney, Ron Mix, Speedy Duncan and more.

You keep reading, and I will keep posting!

Todd Tobias (790 Posts)

Todd Tobias's interest in the American Football League began in 1998, when he wrote my master's thesis about Sid Gillman. He created this site to educate and entertain football fans with the stories of the American Football League, 1960-1969. You can follow Todd and get more AFL history on Twitter @TalesfromtheAFL.

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3 Responses to Five New Interviews

  1. Tom says:

    Good of you for this Todd.
    I read the Gerry McDougal interview he’s a guy who went to Long Beach Poly and in 1953 he and CR Roberts was considered the best back in CIF and Jon Arnett was the best in LA City. Arnett went to USC and McDougal to UCLA. Gerry went to The CFL with Marv Luster another of his UCLA teammates and was a big star, Gerry’s td and rushing totals and matched or surpassed those of Cookie Gilchrist.
    I was not surprised when he said in effect, if not for the acl tear suffered at Rough Acres in 1963 he and Paul Lowe, not Keith Lincoln would have been the starting back field that year. The tickled hand of fate led to one of the great feats in Pro FB history Keith Lincoln’s record setting day in the Title game.
    If you ever have a chance at a follow up interview if you could, ask why he chose UCLA over SC, was it because of Arnett and CR Roberts? And why he went to Canada and not the NFL and how he thought he compared with Cookie Gilchrist, they were the same age, and both big backs and finally Ronnie Knox?

  2. billd says:

    Thanks for posting Todd. Very interesting interviews with all of the players. Both Hank Schmidt and Herb Trevino were products of military football here in San Diego at MCRD. Herb appears to have had a very extended playing career with MCRD. MCRD had very good teams up thru the 1960’s. MCRD vs San Diego State played many exciting games in both Aztec Bowl and Balboa Stadium. Joe Gibbs was a player in these games while at SDSU.
    Joe Stein and Diane Clark authored a very interesting book about Don Coryell in 1976 titled “Win With Honor”. In it they chronicle Don Coryell’s head coaching stint in the mid 1950’s at Ford Ord. In the book we learn that Ordelle Braase (Super Bowl III, Baltimore Colts DE), Duke Washington, A.D. Williams, Paul Larson and Jim Hanifan (head coach St. Louis Cardinals) were some of Don’s players at Fort Ord. The Fort Ord team, coached by Coryell, scrimmaged the Los Angeles Rams, coached by Sid Gilmam. Ford Ord played the first half against the Rams, with the 2nd half having the Rams scrimmaging Marine and Navy squads. Ford Ord held their own against the Rams, scoring 7 points to the Rams 14. However, Fort Ord out gained the Rams on offense. The Fort Ord Team coached by Don Coryell also rolled over the Cal JV team, which was coached by John Ralston. Ralston said it was the first time he ever saw the I-Formation.

    • Tom says:

      AD Williams was a high school teammate of RC Alley oop Owens at Samo Hi and then went to College Of The Pacific now UOP with or just before Tom Flores. Of the two AD and RC, AD was considered the better wide reciever in high school, RC was better in basketball. Later AD was drafted by the Rams and for what ever reason did not have much of a pro career. Hank Schmidt was from South Central LA and went to Edison or Drew Jr Hi and then Fremont HS and played for legendary coach Harry Edelson. Fremont was a great baseball school from early on with the likes of Gene Mauck, Bobby Doerr, and after Bob Watson, Willie Crawford, Bobby Tolan, and later Dan Ford, Chet Lemon and Eric Davis and a host of others.

      In the 1950’s Hannifan, Coryell and Joe Gibbs all lived in the general So Cal area and most likely didnt know it, Coryell followed George Allen as head football coach at Whittier College about the time Gibbs was attending and playing football at Cerritos JC and as you wrote they met up at SDSU.

      I recall when Ordelle Brasse broke his jwa in a game against the Pckers i think it was when he tried tackling Herb Adderley and played with it wired shut

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