Greatest Broncos Fullback – Cookie Gilchrist

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Former Denver Broncos PR man, Jim Saccomano, posts fantastic stories on Broncos history to the team website. ┬áRecently he detailed the turbulent career of famed fullback, Cookie Gilchrist. Although Cookie played for the Broncos some 50 years ago, Sacco’s praise of Gilchrist is still high, calling him, “by far the greatest Denver fullback and one of the greatest players that many have never heard of.”

Sundays with Sacco: The Broncos’ best-ever fullback, Cookie Gilchrist

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  1. Lascelles says:

    Cookie Gilchrist created the mentality that enabled the Bills to win the AFL championship in 1964. He instilled a toughness within the team that carried over into 1965. Cookie was a superb athlete and deserves to be in the pro Football Hall of Fame. In addition he articulated a viewpoint on civil rights not fully appreciated at the time. Before athletes like Jim Brown and Bill Russell (among others) courageously backed Muhammad Ali’s refusal to accept the draft in 1967, Cookie was among the leaders of the boycott of the 1965 boycott of the AFL all-star game in New Orleans. He was ahead of his time and always spoke his mind. This may be the prime reason he has never received the recognition he deserves.

  2. Eddie Arminio says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more,Lascelles.Cookie was as tough to bring down as Jimmy Brown,and he spoke his mind.It’s a sin he isn’t in the Hall of Fame.

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