Harry Wismer Parts with the Titans

harry wismerMarch 15, 1963 – Harry Wismer, owner of the New York Titans, smiles in New York, March 15, after the transfer of the club’s ownership was approved by a federal bankruptcy referee.  The professional football club will pass into the control of the Gotham Football Club, Inc.  SPORT MAGAZINE

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  1. John Spoulos says:

    For those of you who may remember the great “Trip” Frank Tripuka who led the early Broncos for three years at QB. Frank lives here in NJ and is now 85 and in poor health. I tried to do an interview with Frank but he suffers from Alzhiemers disease and can not carry a conversation for too long. I am in the process of having him sign the brown 1960 Broncos helmet and the 62 helmet of mine. Franks contribution to the AFL was monumental in the formation of the leagues early years.

    • Tom says:

      Frank Tripuka is a post WWII American Icon from the world of sport. I urge any that read this, search lapl.com photos key word Frank Tripucka football: 1948 Spritual Bouquet for Frank Tripucka 8 with a cake in Good Sam Wilshire…tells it all.

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