Jack Kemp Highlights from 1964

Here is a neat video that I found, showing Jack Kemp’s highlights from the Bills AFL championship season of 1964.  Kemp was a solid quarterback, and his name has occasionally come up in regards to the Hall of Fame.  Kemp retired in 1969, with 40 rushing touchdowns, 21,218 passing yards and 114 touchdown passes, but also with 183 interceptions, and only a 46.7 completion percentage and 57.3 passing rating.  Still, he was a good leader on-and-off the field, played in five AFL championship games and won two of them.  What do you think?


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3 Responses to Jack Kemp Highlights from 1964

  1. Howard says:

    I remember watching Kemp when I was a kid. I found him to be a fiery leader. I didn’t realize however that his passer rating and TD/Int ratio was so bad. Even in those defensive oriented years, those ratings are poor. No wonder he has never gotten a serious look into the HOF.

  2. George Blair says:

    Great leader and player. He was really strong. I remember him arm-wrestling with larger linemen and winning.

  3. Tom says:

    Jackie Kemp was a late bloomer, he was not a blip on anyone’s football screen as a senior in 1952 at LA Fairfax High School, at Fairfax he shared playing time with Barry Latman who was a Junior. Latman later made his mark in baseball, a two time AL All Star pitcher with the Cleveland Indians 13-5 in 1961. In 1952 LA had two bigger than life high school football stars, teen idols, Ronnie Knox Santa Monica Hi and Jon Arnett Manual Arts. Its been documented that Ronnie Knox under healthier conditions would have found life and sport a bit differently than he did. Ronnie Knox was one of the great athletes of any generation, tall, Hollywood leading man handsome, funny and extremely bright, almost to a fault. If you notice in the Bills/Kemp Hi Lite film Kemp never throws the ball over 50 yards, even when he throws it as far as he can. The pass Kemp needed to throw over 50 yards he didn’t and Dubenion had to stop, wait and come back to the ball. Ronnie Knox in high school could throw a football 50 yards rolling out on the run either left or right and over 70 on a straight drop back.

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