Jets Linebacker Larry Grantham is Doing Alright!

autographed 1961 topps larry grantham
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One of the neat things about researching and writing for this site is that I am forced to look at these former football players a little bit deeper.  To find stories for my daily postings, I have to go beyond the X’s and O’s, beyond the trading cards and statistics.

Today’s post is a perfect example.  I have never met Larry Grantham.  I knew that he was a fantastic linebacker with the Titans and Jets, a member of the AFL’s All-Time Second Team, and one of just 20 men to play all 10 seasons of the AFL.  I did not know that he was such a great person, nor that he had helped so many people to overcome their addictions to alcohol.

I came across this ARTICLE in my research, and it gave me a greater understanding of the man that is Larry Grantham.  Stories like this help earn football players new fans, even 40 years after they leave the game.


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  1. A.J. Muniz says:


    Do you have the contact information on Mr. Grantham? I’d like to get an autograph from him.

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