Jets’ Receiver George Sauer Passes Away

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autographed 1967 topps george sauer

#101 – George Sauer

New York Jets receiver, George Sauer, a star of Super Bowl III, passed away on May 7.  The cause of death was congestive heart failure, though he had been struggling with Alzheimer’s Disease for years.  He was 69 years old.  You can read a full obituary HERE.

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8 Responses to Jets’ Receiver George Sauer Passes Away

  1. Mike Metzler says:

    Indeed, George Sauer played an exciting and crucial role in Super Bowl III in 1969. It’s fun to relive that day, watching the replay of the game. It’s available on youtube. If it were not for the fantastic play calling of Joe Namath in that game, either he or Matt Snell might have walked away with the MVP honors in that game.

    • Mitch Sacharoff here I grew up in NY. In 60s and George Sauer was one of my favorite players.. He had great hand caught everything chris Herman told me Steve largent said he modeled himself after George.. 10 yrs ago I did phone interview with George for an article I wrote. It was a thrill to chat with him. George caught more balls from 66-68 than anyone in football . He was one of the greats.. Jets should have him in ring of honor.

  2. charles yerby says:

    Sauer-Lammons and Hudson all came off that Texas team that beat Alabama and Joe Namath in the 65 orange bowl. All played vital rolls in Super Bowl 111. Sauer put on a clinic on running pass patterns that day.Maynard was hurt and Sauer stepped up big time.Namath called the game of his career. Snell played like an all pro that day.Namath scored on the goal line in the orange bowl–the refs blowed it”’

  3. BB says:

    As a 57 year old and living in NY, the Jet’s were my team. Sauer was my favorite player. Sold hot choc to see games and was lucky enough to meet him after a game in 1969 and got his autograph. A few years ago, still an AFL fan,I found a place which made old style Jet jersey and made up a Sauer jersey with his number. Was crushed when he retired way too early and very sad he passed away. Still watch old Jet films of he catches. If he had continued his career he would have made the HOF. Another sad day for the AFL.

  4. jack says:

    George was a special player and a special guy. God bless his soul.

  5. T lilljedahl says:

    I played at UT when George was there. He created a stir when he signed with the Jets after his jr. year . Coach royal banded Jets scouts from future practices.
    The ironic thing was had he returned for his sr. year he would not have started.
    He would have played behind Pete Lammons who was my roommate .
    Texas had a Hugh depth at tight ends at that time.
    George did the right thing by going pro. He got to start and got paid for it.
    George was unique and I liked him.

  6. Tom says:

    He played when recievers use very little face protection and he and others paid a price. he played when attacking the head wasn’t called head hunting it was legal. He was in love with the beauty of the game and reviled at the business.

  7. Ken Severson says:

    RIP to one of the heroes of Super Bowl III. Retired way to early, but he did it on his own terms.

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