Jim Lee Hunt Video Tribute

Jim Lee Hunt was a dominant defensive lineman for the Boston Patriots, and one of just 20 men to have a place on an AFL roster for all 10 seasons of the league’s existence.  Along with Houston Antwine, Bob Dee and Larry Eisenhauer, Hunt helped form one of the most devastating defensive lines in AFL history.  Sadly, Hunt passed away in 1975.

The video above was produced by the Patriots, and filmed and posted to YouTube by Hun’t son, Gregory.


Todd Tobias (790 Posts)

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5 Responses to Jim Lee Hunt Video Tribute

  1. Tom says:

    Just yesterday I Read your wonderful interview of Don Rogers where you asked who was the toughest guy he played against and he replied, the two Tackles from Boston, Antwine and he could’nt recall the other ones name. He said in effect they were stout and built of steel and impossible to move and were by far the toughest guys he ever faced. The other guy was Jim Earthquake Hunt.

  2. Sheryl Hunt says:

    Thank you for featuring my father In Law Jim Lee Hunt. I was there at the ceremony and it was so nice.

  3. Rosa H. Hunt says:

    You do not often get to relive moments in your life and this was very special to me and my son and daughter. Thank you for featuring my husband, Jim Lee Hunt {better known as Earthquake}.

  4. Bob Mischak, Jr. says:

    Very interesting. I have a newspaper clipping whereby JLH was asked after he retired who was toughest OL he ever faced? He named my father Bob Mischak, Sr. (NY Titans and Oakland Raiders). Small world…

  5. Eddie Arminio says:

    Another strong case for establishing an AFL Hall of Fame.

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