Lance Alworth as you have likely not seen him before

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I was scanning YouTube recently, looking for new videos to post, when I came this homemade piece featuring Lance Alworth in his sophomore season as a member of the Arkansas Razorbacks.  For many of us, the images of a lightning bolt-clad Alworth, streaking down the field under a John Hadl pass, has become so ingrained that it is easy to forget the Alworth was a running back in college.  This series of clips shows Alworth taking pitches from the quarterback, running after handoffs, throwing a couple of passes and even returning a kick or two.  The guy was really a versatile athlete, and likely could have filled in for Paul Lowe in the Chargers backfield, had Sid Gillman ever been so inclined.  And to think that he was drafted out of high school by the New York Yankees.  Can you imagine Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris and Lance Alworth in the same outfield at Yankee Stadium in the 1960s?

Keep an eye out for the upcoming interview from last week’s What Would you Ask Lance Alworth post.

Todd Tobias (788 Posts)

Todd Tobias's interest in the American Football League began in 1998, when he wrote my master's thesis about Sid Gillman. He created this site to educate and entertain football fans with the stories of the American Football League, 1960-1969. You can follow Todd and get more AFL history on Twitter @TalesfromtheAFL.

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7 Responses to Lance Alworth as you have likely not seen him before

  1. Mike Dugan says:

    Todd- Those are my earliest memories of football growing up in Arkansas. Everyone wanted to be Lance when we put on our Hutch uniforms and played in the yard.

    My Sunday school class loaded a bus in 1964 to head to Little Rock to see the Chargers and Oilers play on a hot August night. Of course the Razorbacks went on to win the National Championship a few months after that!

  2. That music was really cool ! ! ! Who put that together? I don’t care for the Beatles’ version of “Lucy in the Sky”–I love the Elton John version from 1974-’75–but SOMEBODY did a great job with the splicing, editing, and whatever else was done.

    And I think I hear Elton’s version in the background from 0:42 to 1:02.

  3. Yes, Alworth was a great athlete. Wide receiver was his true position, but the video shows he was a fine running back in college.

    Speaking of the notion that he could have subbed for Paul Lowe–I notice he wore Lowe’s #23 at Arkansas. He wouldn’t have been as explosive as Lowe at RB, but he certainly would’ve done well if called upon. I don’t know a whole lot about Lance’s career–whose idea was it to switch him to WR?

  4. LIN BUTLER says:

    wonder why they didn’t make lance a running back in the afl, he sure could have been. do u know why they didn’t?

  5. Mike Dugan says:

    Governor Faubus really seemed to be enjoying himself at the end of the video!

  6. 1967 says:

    I doubt 175-185 lb. Lance would have lasted long as an AFL RB… the sheer number of hits/force of said would have used up his legs/health much sooner I’d suspect. In 1967 the Chargers moved little (190 lbs. according to some) rookie Dickie Post from WR ‘to’ RB and he was good, but not for very long before injuries took their toll/his career succumbed in fairly short order/about half as long as Alworth’s. Lance also would have been running in heavier traffic routinely and ‘Bambi’ might never have been born.

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