Lance Alworth Signs with Arkansas!

lance alworth signs with arkansas

Over the last month, through a bit of luck and good connections, I was able to reacquire a large collection of Lance Alworth’s family photos for Lance.  It is not quite certain how they ever got away from the family to begin with, but Lance was thrilled to have them, many of which he had never seen before.

Included in this collection was a couple of small snapshots of Lance signing his letter of intent with the University of Arkansas.  It was a momentous day for the Alworth family, and one that sent Lance further down the path towards football greatness.  To my knowledge, and Lance’s, these photos have not been shown publically in many, many years, if ever.  Sitting beside Lance are his mother and father.

lance alworth signs with arkansas

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4 Responses to Lance Alworth Signs with Arkansas!

  1. Paul says:

    Great Photos! I hope you post the others. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Paul Beaver says:

    Note: Shotguns in photos’ background……not “PC” today !!

  3. Tom says:

    A most joyful and young Frank Broyles is standing on the left, it could have been a different photo entirely if Lance signed with the Yankees, Casey Stengel, Dan Topping and Del Webb may have been pictured at the signing. Unsure when the rules changed but some of the better high school football players before the change that signed pro baseball contracts and were cut in the minors tragically saw there entire athletic days end. The rule was once you signed the contract you were considered a pro and forfieted your right to participate in NCAA or NAIA competition.

  4. John Spoulos says:

    The great Lance Alworth!!! Wow, is or was there anyone better as a player or a person!! When I was fourteen, I wrote Lance a letter about being injured on my hockey team. He not only wrote back, but sent a great letter which i still have, some autographed personal photo’s and a great shot of him in his Chargers uniform. Maybe some of the athletes today who were no where near as great as Lance who think they are special, could take a page from Bambi’s playbook! He was not only a great player, but a special man! Thanks Lance!!! Great photo’s Todd of the player who is STILL my idol!!

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