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Lance Alworth heads down the field in a game against the New York Jets on October 13, 1963.

After spending a couple of days working in Lance Alworth’s football archive a few weeks back, I posted an article featuring Lance’s 1964 AFL All-Star Game jersey, which he still owns.  It is a beautiful jersey, and the photos that I took of the jersey gave many AFL fans their first look at a jersey from that game in full, living color.

alworth jerseyOne of the other fantastic items in Lance’s archive is a beautiful example of his famed powder blue Chargers jerseys.  This particular Alworth jersey fits nicely into the 1963-65 range, when Alworth truly came onto the scene as a star in the American Football League.  Alworth shared the title of AFL Most Valuable Player in 1963, after helping to lead the Chargers to a 51-10 victory over the Boston Patriots in the ’63 AFL Championship Game.  While the Chargers lost the championship games to the Buffalo Bills in 1964 & 1965, Lance Alworth was no less a brilliant player.  He led the league in touchdown receptions with 13 in 1964, and then followed that up by topping the AFL in reception yards (1,602), average (23.2) and touchdown receptions (14) in 1965.

lance alworth jerseyThe jersey in Lance’s collection is in nice condition, and shows good game wear.  There is heavy wear on the shoulder bolts, and a bit of fraying along the edges of most patches (bolts, numbers, name plate). However it is not encumbered by numerous patches and repairs that you often see in other game worn jerseys.  It features proper tags from Spanjian and Higgins & Crosthwaite.  Perhaps most importantly, it stands out today as one item that is recognized by fans too young to have their own AFL memories.  Alworth’s Mitchell & Ness throwback jersey was, for years, one of the most popular of all throwback jerseys produced.

lance alworth jersey

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  1. rick smith says:

    You shouldvtalk to Walter Sweeney. Had lunch with Walt, Bill Swank, and Don King. Swank’s book on alter is complete and Swank shoed me a copy of Walt’s ’67 Topps card. What’s interesting is that when the photo was taken Walter had an absessed tooth, visible by his jowly look.

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  3. My Homepage says:

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  4. KT says:

    Love it. That’s “powder blue,” though? Or was it different back in the day?

    I have a powder blue Alworth #19 and it’s waaaaay lighter than that .

    • Todd Tobias says:

      The story that I’ve heard was that the “powder” blue was ever-changing. Apparently, when the Chargers equipment manager went to order new jerseys for an upcoming season, he cut a swatch out of a jersey from the prior season for the company to color-match. However, the swatch would have endured a year of use and washings, which would have undoubtedly faded it to a degree, making the “powder” blue a constantly changing team color.

  5. L Andrew Bernheim says:

    I have said here before that as a 16 year old in the summer of 1969 I lived and worked as a ball boy for the San Diego Chargers at UC Irvine. I knew Sid Gilman and his wife since the earlier 1960s. My fathers close friend Allard Roen gave me a gift around Christmas 1968 of a white Lance Alworth jersey. I still have it. Mr Roen was most kind to me

  6. Dave Glick says:

    My father (Freddy Glick) was a Pro Bowl Safety for the Oilers in the sixties and over the years became good friends with Don Maynard of the Jets. My Dad said that Maynard and Allworth were the to fastest and toughest WR’s in the league to cover because of their speed.What separated the two was that even if you had Allworth covered, when you went up for the ball he would fight you for it better than anyone. He always thought those two were phenomenal.

  7. L Andrew Bernheim says:

    The summer of 69 Lance Alworth and Dickie Post both had XKEs Jags at summer camp. As I remember it Dickie Post was not well liked by the players. His convertible Top was destroyed one night. He was super tough ..double tough..and so much smaller in size but a heart the size of the world. One of my best friends on the team was Pete Barnes a lineacker 59. Great guy. He called me young buddy and I called him ole buddy. Race was an issue but I remember ALL THE PLAYERS SAID SID DIDN’T CARE WHAT COLOR YOU WERE HE’D PLAY PURPLE PEOPLE..the chargers drafted that year Marty Domres first. Another player drafted was Larry Rentz from Fla. a great guy. I have so many wonderful memories and stories from back them..

  8. L Andrew Bernheim says:

    Bill Lenkatis a linemen with Walt Sweeny who played at Penn St became a dentist after football..

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