Lookie, Lookie! It’s Finally Time for Cookie!

cookie gilchrist
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The Buffalo Bills announced today that Cookie Gilchrist will be their newest inductee into the Bills Wall of Fame.  It is a move that is long overdue.  Bad blood between Gilchrist and former Bills owner, Ralph Wilson, is said to be what has kept Gilchrist from an honor that he so richly deserved.  With the sale of the Bills to the Pegula family after Wilson’s passing in 2014, the path was cleared for Cookie’s induction.

It is unfortunate that personalities kept this award from being bestowed when Cookie was alive to enjoy the honor, but kudos to the Bills for writing a wrong, and not forgetting their history.

A detailed obituary of Cookie Gilchrist can be found HERE

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One Response to Lookie, Lookie! It’s Finally Time for Cookie!

  1. Eddie Arminio says:

    Long overdue. He should be in the NFL Hall of Fame also.Paul Brown wanted him as a teen. One of the toughest runners ever. He would destroy defences today. It’s a shame this wasn’t done years ago.

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