My Favorite Hank Stram Image

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hank stram

I just found my new favorite Hank Stram image.  The description from the eBay auction stated that the photo was from August 4, 1976.  It is stamped as such on the back, but only because this image was used to illustrate an article from that day.  Another stamp on the reverse says, “January 11, 1967,” four days before Super Bowl I.  I would guess that this photo was actually taken during the 1966 AFL Championship Game, in which the Chiefs defeated the Buffalo Bills by a score of 31-7.  Regardless, I think this is my new favorite image of this Hall of Fame coach.

Todd Tobias (775 Posts)

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11 Responses to My Favorite Hank Stram Image

  1. Howard says:

    Hank Stram was the Happy Warrior of head coaches. He was dapper and insisted his players looked and acted as professionals. It’s sad that today’s coaches have to be pimps or shills for the clothing lines that further enrich the League. I miss seeing Stram with his blazer and folded program. I also miss Tom Landry with his fedora and corporate look. Today we have a bunch of sloppy dressers or fat slobs who wear spandex (Andy Reid, Rex Ryan).

  2. Mark Speck says:

    I am not sure if this was taken during the ’66 championship game Todd. Unless I’m mistaken, it looks like there’s a Chiefs’ player behind Stram and to the right of the photo. It looks like he’s wearing a red Chiefs’ jersey. If I remember correctly, the Chiefs wore white jerseys in the ’66 championship game. It is a great photo though.

    • Rick Lusso says:

      I agree with Mark. I’m pretty sure the Chiefs wore their white uniforms in Buffalo for the 1966 championship game. I don’t have sophisticated photo software, but it looks like there is a blurry scoreboard next to Stram’s left hand. Anyone know of any way to sharpen that part of the image?

  3. Todd Tobias says:

    There is an original newspaper caption taped to the back of this photo. Along with three dates stamped onto the back “January 8, 1967,” “January 11, 1967,” and “August 4, 1976,” there is a caption that reads, “Coach Hank Stram is sitting on top of one half of the pro football world.” The caption makes me think that this is after the 1966 AFL Championship Game had been played, but that is not necessarily to say that this image came from that game.

  4. paul seaton says:

    Those questioning the location of this pic are correct that it ISN’T from the AFL Championship game in Buffalo. Not only is Chief player shown in the “home red”, but the AFL had a rule (wish it was STILL be in effect, but isn’t) that the home team ALWAYS wore dark jerseys and the visitors wore white/light.
    I AM guessing, but Hank appears to be wearing the same clothes, in the same weather as was a Kansas City- Boston game where he was microphoned (clips of that game have been shown when discussing him being microphoned for SB IV)

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  7. billd says:

    I was in the French Quarter of New Orleans late one night in June 1976. Hank was just beginning his first year as the Saints coach. My friend and I were walking down Bourbon street when I spot Hank walking toward us. I said hello to him and wished him luck.. He was very gracious and took a few minutes talking to us.

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