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autographed 1964 topps smokey stover

#107 – Smokey Stover

In my continued effort to make this the most information-rich AFL site on the internet, I’ve added a new page to the blog that I think you all will enjoy.  On the home page, down the left border and under the MORE GREAT AFL CONTENT! heading you will now find a listing titled AFL INTERVIEWS.  On this page I will be posting transcriptions from interviews that I, and hopefully others, have done with AFL personalities – players, coaches, perhaps owners, etc.

There are currently just a handful on transcriptions currently on the page, but I will be adding more as I get them properly formatted.  At the moment, I have a backlog of more than 70 interviews that I have done with former AFL personalities.  Most came from my thesis and Charging through the AFL research, but I have interviewed some non-Chargers as well.  I will also begin speaking with more former players and adding their transcriptions to the page; in fact, just yesterday I was able to interview Texans/Chiefs linebacker Smokey Stover, and Dolphins/Bengals quarterback John Stofa.

autographed 1969 topps john stofa

#048 – John Stofa

There are several authors who visit Tales from the American Football League, as well as other football historians.  If they (or anyone else) would like to contribute interview transcriptions to the page, I will be happy to credit the contributor, and include them in the collection.  Additionally, if any former AFL’ers would like to be share their stories, please contact me at, and we can arrange a telephone interview.

So take a look at AFL INTERVIEWS, and think about how you might like to participate, either as an interviewer or interviewee, or simply as a reader.   Your involvement in the site is enjoyed and appreciated.  Have a great weekend!


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  1. billd says:

    Thanks Todd. I just read the Harris, Hudson, Jackson and Mitinger interviews. Will read the rest tomorrow. Can’t wait for the Smokey Stover interview. One of the great names in all of sports.

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