New American Football League Just Might Survive!

So many of the early proeview articles gave the AFL slight chances of success.  Heck, even after the league had agreed to the merger with the NFL, writers such as Tex Maule took every shot possible a the young league.  I guess that is why I found the following Sports Illustrated article interesting.  The author, Roy Terrell, felt that the AFL had a lot going for it, and in fact had a great chance to survive and flourish.


Todd Tobias (790 Posts)

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  1. Tom says:

    Precient might be the word to describe this Roy Terrell article, written by a man who knew a thing or two about survival, Terrell was a Marine Corps pilot in WWII.
    Terrell was spot on saying that the LA Chargers might even steal some Rams fans, which in my case was almost true, I liked them both but the Chargers seemed fresher and more enjoyable because they won, but when they headed south, my interest in the Chargers did as well.

  2. Great article ! ! !

    So who’s Roy Terrell? Did he not stay at Sports Illustrated for very long? He could have been a great voice for the AFL, a voice that would have gotten the AFL more positive press.

    The man had the foresight to understand that yes, there was a market for pro football, and yes, there was a void in that market. The AFL was ready and able to fill the void, and a word of thanks goes to Terrell for saying so.

  3. Howard says:

    A very well written and well balanced article. In fact, rather pro AFL. The demand for pro football was strong by the early 1960’s. A new league and the rest is history.

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