New Super Bowl I Photo Gallery

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super bowl i

Len Dawson looks down the Packers defensive line.

I’ve been busy at my desk lately, scanning, cropping, uploading and prepping many of the new AFL images that I have collected in recent weeks.  The results will be several new photo galleries to add to the site.

This newest gallery features images from Super Bowl I.  The first four images come from a scrapbook that I purchased more than a decade ago.  The person featured had won a pair of tickets to Super Bowl I in a radio contest.  He took four photos of the pregame stadium with his personal camera.  The resulting images were the views from his seats.

The next several images come from either prints on slides that I have found on eBay.  They pop up occasionally, and they make nice additions to the site when I am able to purchase them.  Enjoy!


Todd Tobias (789 Posts)

Todd Tobias's interest in the American Football League began in 1998, when he wrote my master's thesis about Sid Gillman. He created this site to educate and entertain football fans with the stories of the American Football League, 1960-1969. You can follow Todd and get more AFL history on Twitter @TalesfromtheAFL.

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11 Responses to New Super Bowl I Photo Gallery

  1. 1967 says:

    Fashion maven 1967 offers his take: great pictures from a great era/time. Those white on white road uniforms of the Chiefs – beautiful – said the reason I fell in love with KC from an aesthetic point of view, unis same as schemes on field.

    I actually liked their road uniforms better than their home versions – still do (minus the nose-bleed red pants worn today of course & too the poor choice same wear white socks, latter even when they occasionally wear white on white, road, an fashion disaster, only contrast needed the red helmet, pant stripes & socks.

    The look back then Chiefs as well Packers as the rest the teams was clean, not too garish or busy. To see how bad design is today, take a gander at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ‘new’ uniforms (and be prepared to turn into a pillar of salt.)

    FWIW, that picture of Willie Mitchell of the Chiefs isn’t of him carrying the football, rather is likely an after touchdown point attempt by GB or possibly an punt (I’m not aware what players the Packers used on their kick teams.) Do note Lionel Aldridge (far L) & Willie Davis (far R) are present as well as OT Forrest Gregg (center R). The only time Willie Mitchell touched the ball that day was on an interception vs Starr, late in the game.

    Alas, what might have been had Willie made his int or at least knocked down the pass McGee’s fluke td/Starr’s poor throw on GB’s first td… well, but we shall never know.

  2. WEIRDWOLF says:

    Love these old photos! Shared them with our Facebook page called KC Chiefs History. Thanks to Mr. Tobias for all you do to keep the AFL alive!

  3. Joe Allwood says:

    I see that shot of Len looking down the line and suddenly I’m 4 years old all over again. 1967, you’re right about the white on white uniforms. It’s strange that I like them so well, yet the red on red which they wore this year just looked very…high school for lack of a better term.

  4. 1967 says:

    Over the years so many aspects of uniforms (have) change(d)… case the Chiefs the classic look 1/15/67, note the larger helmet arrowhead and larger numerals sleeves as well the front and back of the jersey. As well, the minimal yellow outline around the numerals and no sleeve piping/striping – both ‘less is more’ aspects, my taste.

    In addition the red helmet & pants stripes, the red road socks (like the home) in use here provides a nice/sufficient contrast that helps offset the white on white look just enough without being tedious (compared the white road socks KC used more recently some seasons when they occasionally wore the white on white road uniforms.)

    This ‘nonsense’ (my editorializing) started back in ’68 when red pants replaced the white, and things got even worse in 1972 when they also started wearing red shoes (thankfully, the latter was a short-lived horror.) Luved ya Hank (Stram), but you should’ve stuck to your area of expertise, coaching (would no more have put Hank in charge the Chiefs ‘look’ than I would let him take over from George Toma and design the field.) Years later, KC also lost Toma’s services & frankly their fields have never again looked as good.

    Safety factors aside, all of ‘yesterdays look’ to include the vintage helmets, gray facemasks & black shoes has present day Chiefs attire all beat to hell my opine, in an style sense; some call it updating a look, I call it too much (like slapping bumper stickers all over a vehicle/ruining what style it has.)

  5. Great shots —-Being a photographer Ican appreciate this—I do Alabama football and some nascar—I was an afl fan from the get go -with Billy Cannon–Joe Namath and Kenny Stabler being some of my favorites.Just finished reading Pride and Poise about the first 10 years of the Oakland Raiders.Al Davis–Joe Foss –those guys probably didn’t get enough of credit.never was really a big fan of the Texans or Chiefs–but they had some awesome ball players–Liked Johnny Robinson and knew Tommy Brooker.Just never was a fan of Hank [hair piece]stram—but he was a good coach”’

  6. John says:

    Good shot of SB I. It was definitely a different time.

  7. 1967 says:

    Compare these beautiful 1960’s pictures of the Chiefs in action to the modern day NFL fare; clean lines, appropriate dimensions variously & not too busy or garish, my opine.

    The Chiefs more recent years ‘all white’ road uniform look:

    A smaller helmet arrowhead, white socks, sleeve striping, gloves, more tapered light-weight jersey, updated face mask & no less than 5 logo$ (cha – cha ching) to help sully the uniform’s inherent look some more, courtesy manufacturer and league. Add white shoes and wider outlines around jersey numerals & – viola! – the ignominious look is complete.


    Next, the ‘current’ road look, all the same drawbacks as the modern all white referenced above, except here, the nosebleed red pants are added for laughs… modern uniforms make players look more akin to ‘Transformers’ kids toys than football players.


    Another nod the updated look (adulation line does not form to the right), red on red (aka ‘the double nosebleed’) look the Chiefs sported once in 2014:×380.jpg

    We now return you to the uniform morass be 21st century design (ditto cars, music, etc.)


  8. Paul Seaton says:

    As one who became a Chiefs fan at the age of 5 in 1964, I have to differ with those who like the all white “look”… To me it’s just sooooooo very, very blah and bland looking. The 1968 changes (red/gold/red stripes on the sleeves & the red pants) for the road uniforms (and adding the white/gold/white sleeve stripes on the home uni) were GREAT! I’m glad Stram made them small rather than doing the “Northwestern” style. Adding the red home shoes & white road shoes in 1971 (not ’72) was also a stroke of brilliance by Stram.
    I sincerely hope we NEVER see an “all one color” look (white on white OR red on red) again! The all red looked utterly rediculous and the white is boring as hell.
    That all said, I also want them to go back to the bigger arrowhead on the helmets, I noticed that shrinkage immediately (supposedly they changed manufacturers/suppliers between ’73 & ’74 is the reason given) in 1974 and didn’t like it then either.

  9. 1967 says:

    The Chiefs were still wearing the classic black home shoes several games during 1971…a review of KC’s game films from that season (including WASH vs @KC mid-season as well OAK vs @KC late season) will affirm said.

    It was not until ’72 they went ‘exclusively’ to the red home ‘clown’ shoes; alas, they stopped wearing the black too soon, losing to MIA in KC the 1971 playoff game whilst wearing the garish red shoes, an omen has portended 40+ years wandering the NFL wilderness continuing to date, no end in sight.

    Burn the red pants, lose the sleeve stripes & perhaps success will find my Chiefs once more…

    • paul seaton says:

      The key word on the shoes is “exclusively”… We obviously disagree with the uniform look we like, but we also obviously care deeply for the Chiefs and the AFL, so it’s all good.

  10. 1967 says:

    For those who can’t review season film, here’s a chart of (sorta cartoonish) drawings of the Chiefs uniforms including shoes, 1960 to date.

    Of note, 1971 shows that black shoes were also worn, not just red. In 1972 the black disappeared. As well, 1968 the Chiefs did ‘not’ stop wearing their white-on-white road uniforms right away but wore them throughout the ’68 pre-season & and in fact did not go to the red pants until game 1 the regular season ’68, vs HOU in the Astrodome.

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