Off-Season Autographed AFL Card Pick-Ups

One of my hobby passions is autographed 1960s football cards, so as usual, I spent time during the off-season adding signed AFL cards to my collection.  However, as my sets are in need of only a handful of rare cards, I was forced to get creative if I wanted to add anything new and interesting to my collection.  I put together a handful of player sets – Lance Alworth, Gino Cappelletti, John Hadl, Johnny Robinson – and picked up a few signed team cards, but the most fun that I had came in having players add interesting inscriptions to particular cards.

Where I could, I tried to have particular inscriptions added to cards produced in years pertaining to the notes added to the card; AFL All-Star boycott comments added to 1965 Topps cards, etc.  It didn’t always work out, but it added a bit more challenge.  Anyway, you will find a sampling of these cards below.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

paul lowe

The Chargers already tried L.A. It didn’t work either.


ron mix

Los Angeles again? So wrong


chris burford

1st Chiefs Team – Chris Burford


lance alworth

1963 Chargers – The Best Team Ever!!
Lance Alworth


lance alworth

My Chargers are San Diego, not LA –
Lance Alworth


lance alworth sid gillman

Lance Alworth & Sid Gillman (Sid signed this card for me 19 years ago, but I just thought to add Lance to it.  I’ve also got one with Sid and John Hadl, and Sid alone)


matt snell

I was a proud member of the AFL All-Star Game boycott – January 10, 1965


bobby bell

To Todd, I was a proud member of the AFL All-Star Game boycott – January 10, 1965


dick westmoreland

I was a proud member of the AFL boycott – 1-10-1965 – God Bless


gino cappelletti

11-10-68 – 1st AFL to Score 1000 Pts


noland smith

The only card issued featuring Noland “Super Gnat” Smith, a 1968 Topps Team Test Chiefs card. Smith is shown in the front row, far left.

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  1. afl says:


    You may or may not be familiar with them but the websites listed below carry AFL cards as well other sports cards of interest (NFL, MLB, NBA, etc.) What makes them unique is that they are of players who never had an actual card at all, or perhaps never had one in an particular year/season. They are referred to as ‘retro cards’:

    I recently picked up the 1967 Chiefs set (the link lists 18 cards, but actually there are 20) and also bought the 1967 Oakland Raiders 20 card set. They replicate the same design as the year in question (Topps, Fleer, etc.) so the Chiefs 1967 set looks like the Topps AFL set from ’67 and has info on the back like the Topps version did but of course uses Retrocards instead of Topps name.) Thought this info might be of interest to you or others.

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