Paul Lowe breaks away in 1960 AFL Championship

paul lowe

HOUSTON – 1/1/61 – Paul Lowe (23) of the Los Angeles Chargers gets away for a 29 yard scamper to the Oilers’ 19.  He was knocked out of bounds by George Shirkey (74) and Jim Norton (43) of the Oilers.  UPI Telephoto

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  1. The man with the moves ! ! ! I love seeing anything connected with Paul Lowe. He’s one of my favorite players of the AFL.

  2. billd says:

    Paul Lowe was great! Why the 49’ers cut him is lame. UPI telephoto. Brings back memories when UPI and AP were the major news players. Looks like Sid with his bow tie in the background. Thanks.

    • Tom says:

      Like Lowe Jim Norton was a tremendous player as well and like Lowe hailed from So California where he attended Fullerton Union HS. Fullerton produced old time Baseball Hall of Famers Arky Vaughn and Walter “The Big Train” Johnson and the tragic Willard Hershberger. The NFL in the past three seasons has tragically experienced the suicide of three players, active and injured, Kenny McKinley OJ Murdock and Jovan Belcher, Willard Hershberger remains the only Major League Baseball player to commit suicide during the season, when in 1940 he took his own life after a game in Boston where he blamed himself for the loss.

      Richard Nixon briefly attended Fullerton HS but graduated from Whittier HS.

      • billd says:

        Good info Tom.

        • Tom says:

          Brig Owens “Redskins” also attended Fullerton HS, as did his younger brother Marv, a wide receiver who played for Coryell at SDSU in 1970-71 with Brian Sipe, The oldest brother Jewel Owens was considered the best athlete of the three and was named to the all CIF team in 1950 the year San Diego HS Charles Powell was named Player of The Year. Charles is Art Powells’ older brother.

  3. Kevin Carroll says:

    Enjoyed the photo of Lowe and Norton from the ’60 AFL title game. In 1993, I was fortunate to interview Jim Norton. The Oiler defensive back said, “Nobody was any faster getting outside on a sweep than Lowe. If you took any kind of move to the inside, Lowe would beat you to the outside.” Norton, who played safety for most of his years with Houston, had to play cornerback in’60 title game due to several injuries to their secondary. Norton recalled that he and 187-lb. outside Oiler linebacker Al Witcher, who was fighting off tight end Dave Kocouek’s blocks, had their hands full trying to contain Lowe that day.

    • Tom says:

      If you look to the Chargers sidelines you see numbers 69 Al Barry and 70 Volney Peters, both former USC Trojans. Al attended Beverly Hills HS and Volney attended Ted Williams’ alma mater San Diego Hoover. Like Paul Lowe, Volney attended Compton College and played for Tay Brown. As you mentioned the discus another posting, Sim Innes the first man to surpass 190′ in the discuss, world record holder and 1952 Olympic Champ in Helsinki, attended Compton and then USC around the same time as Volney. Sim attended Tulare HS with two time Olympics Decathlon Champ and World Record holder Bob Mathias.

      I saw Al Witcher and Al Brry play in college when the Baylor Bears came to LA in 1959 to play the Trojans, I have no memory of the game, only memory was buying a Baylor Pennant, I liked the Green and Gold colors and the bear on the pennant, my other memory was hearing people talking about how marvelous the McKeever twins were. Austin “Goose” Gonsoulin and Ronny Bull were also on that Bears team.

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