Player Nicknames

We often remember the AFL players for their colorful nicknames as much as for their accomplishments on the field.  Here is a list of many of those great nicknames.  If you can think of more, please post a message and I will add them to the list!

  • Lance “Bambi” Alworth
  • “Mini” Max Anderson
  • John “Bull” Bramlett
  • Marlin “The Magician” Briscoe
  • Junious “Buck” Buchanan
  • Ed “Bluto” Budde
  • George “Butch” Byrd
  • Gino “Duke” Cappelletti
  • Reg “Sniff” Carolan
  • Francis “Cotton” Davidson
  • Lenny “The Cool” Dawson
  • Tom “Tippy” Day
  • Elbert “Golden Wheels” Dubenion
  • Leslie “Speedy” Duncan
  • Larry “Wildman” Eisenhauer
  • Bill “Earthquake” Enyart
  • Wilbur “Weeb” Ewbank
  • Earl “Tree” Faison
  • Serafino “Foge” Fazio
  • Gary “The Grey Ghost” Garrison
  • Carlton “Cookie” Gilchrist
  • Jon “Guppy” Gilliam
  • Austin “Goose” Gonsoulin
  • Ted “Alley Oop” Greene
  • John “Froggy” Hadl
  • Abner “Butch” Haynes
  • Sherrill “Psycho” Headrick
  • Mack “Truck” Hill
  • Robert “The Tank” Holmes
  • E.J. “The Beast” Holub
  • Jim “Earthquake” Hunt
  • Rich “Tombstone” Jackson
  • Harry “The Baby Faced Assassin” Jacobs
  • John “Curley” Johnson
  • Ernie “The Giant Cat” Ladd
  • Daryle “The Mad Bomber” Lamonica
  • Willie “Bear” Lanier
  • “Riverboat” Richie Lucas
  • Don “Sunshine” Maynard
  • Jerry “Huzza-Huzza” Mays
  • Curtis “The Count” McClinton
  • Edward “Wahoo” McDaniel
  • Ron “The Dancing Bear” McDole
  • Warren “Motor Mouse” McVea
  • Ron “The Intellectual Assassin” Mix
  • Leroy “Sweet Pea” Moore
  • “Broadway” Joe Namath
  • Walt “Buffalo” Napier
  • Vito “Babe” Parilli
  • Frank “The Riddler” Pitts
  • Gerrard “Buster” Ramsey
  • Gloster “Slick” Richardson
  • Johnny “Candyman” Robinson
  • Paul “Rocky” Rochester
  • Tom “Big Ses” Sestak
  • Dave “The Ripon Ripper” Smith
  • Jim “Jetstream” Smith
  • Noland “Super Gnat” Smith
  • Ed “Butch” Songin
  • Stewart “Smokey” Stover
  • Walt “Suds” Sweeney
  • Gene “Univac” Thomas
  • Jim “Pumpkin Head” Tyrer
  • Ernie “Big Hoss” Warlick
  • Fred “The Hammer” Williamson
  • Jerrel “Thunder Foot” Wilson
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3 Responses to Player Nicknames

  1. 1967 says:

    A few other old Chiefs nicks/may or may not be worth listing online:

    Curt ‘Mother’ Merz [later worked in radio the KC area]

    Otis ‘Slug’ Taylor – also ‘Keghead’ [ SPORT magazine/Arnold Hano 1967; Otis slow-moving ways the reason the first nick, latter because his head ‘was’ big]

    Mike ‘Elmer Fudd’ Garrett [LIFE magazine January 13, 1967]

    Willie ‘Top Cat’ Mitchell [ various KC media guides]

    Curtis ‘The Count’ McClinton [various KC media guides]

    Noland ‘Super Gnat’ Smith was also known as ‘Jet’ [ he actually preferred Jet to Super Gnat, but the latter was the more renowned]

    Len Dawson was also referred to as ‘Bad Body’ [QB Magazine, 1971]

    Wendell ‘King’ Hayes [various KC media guides]

  2. Tom says:

    Dave Smith “The Ripon Ripper” and Gino Capellitti “Duke”

  3. Paul Beaver says:

    Kenny “The Snake” Stabler (Oakland QB)Stabler was drafted in the second round of the 1968 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders. He didn’t get a chance to play until 1970. He falls on the cusp of being an AFL/NFL player.

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