San Diego’s Glory Years – the 1960s

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While the outright rage of the Chargers leaving town seems to have mellowed a bit, there is still a constant and strong anti-Chargers sentiment throughout San Diego.  It is a sad situation, but completely understandable considering how the team left, and has hardly even attempted to look back.

San Diego Union-Tribune reporter, Tom Krasovic, recently penned a great piece in which he stated the 1960s as the glory days of sport in San Diego.  PCL baseball, the Chargers, Don Coryell at San Diego State, not to mention the multiple other San Diego-based stars in the worlds of gold, tennis, sailing, etc.  It must have been something.

If San Diego sports had a golden era, there’s a groovy case for when it was

On another note, our petition supporting Johnny Robinson for the Pro Football Hall of Fame is beginning to pick up speed, but we need a lot more signatures to make it worthy of being given to the Hall of Fame voters.  If you have not yet signed the petition, please do so.  It will only take a moment, and will hopefully open the doors for Johnny, and possibly for other AFL’ers down the road.


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2 Responses to San Diego’s Glory Years – the 1960s

  1. afl says:

    My youthful perspective, the most beautiful city ever saw ‘City In Motion’ San Diego 1960’s – ditto most beautiful uniforms San Diego Chargers (’67’s ‘Year the lightning bolt pants’ ended aft just one… when you’ve got the best looking threads, no need.)

    Alas, an football dynasty that never was: Chargers appeared in more AFL Championship Games than any team that decade, five, won but one – but oh what a ‘fifty-one’ twas, 1963; NFL Bears as MLB GIANTS same 1904 would not play the younger league’s Champion in a winner take all: chickens to left of them, fowls to the right.

    ‘What might have been’ and ‘what was’: Texans hadn’t interceded 1962, rarefied air as many six straight Chargers title games – would’ve been unmatched. ‘What was’ the case sport another: 1969, Padres got Buzzie Bavasi from my Dodgers. Buzzie in turn with an great ‘get’ of his own: slugger Nate Colbert who hit more home runs for four straight years than any Buzzie’s former players the/my Dodgers, ’69-’72.

    Then came the end of everything really mattered: AFL no more by 1970, full impact the merger realized. With apologies Tyrone Davis girl – ‘Turn Back The Hands Of Time.’

  2. Eddie Arminio says:

    It’s to bad all of the NFL franchises are privately owned, but one publicly,the Packers. The owners are greed driven with no sympathy for the regular guy who struggles to take a family to one game.The gall to ask for public money to help finance New stadiums,then they charge season ticket owners a PSL fee for the right to have that seat.
    That being said for the fan,the players have a take it or leave it agreement.The city of San Diego deserved better. Players and fans stand up to these power brokers.

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