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Chris Berman Comments on Ralph Wilson and his Hall of Fame Induction

As the man in charge of the Buffalo Bills, Ralph Wilson was one of the American Football League’s original eight franchise owners.  Today he is one of just two such men still in football (the other being Bud Adams of the Tennessee Titans), and the only one with his original team and city.  In this short video, Chris Berman, an AFL fan of the highest regard, discusses what has made Ralph Wilson such an asset to professional football, and why he was such a deserving Hall of Fame inductee in 2009. read more

Joe Namath and Kenny Graham

Joe Namath’s first trip to San Diego was not a successful one for Broadway Joe.  Namath went 18-34 for 179 yards, and three interceptions as the Chargers trounced the Jets by a score of 38-7.  One person that should be recognized in this video, however, is Kenny Graham, the Chargers defensive back that returned an interception 51 yards for a touchdown.  Graham is often overlooked as a star on the Chargers, but he was a fearless safety that could hit like a freight train.    His teammate, Bob Petrich, recalled Graham’s intensity in a game against hte Chiefs.  “We were playing Kansas City one time in San Diego, and Kenny was our safety.  He was like Rodney Harrison, you know, that type of guy.  Fearless, antagonistic.  We were just controlling these guys, and they wouldn’t run on our side.  We stopped them everywhere.  They stopped running.  So Kenny would get up to the line and start yelling, ‘Why don’t you run over here, you chicken shit!’” read more

The Day Floyd Little was Fired

I thought this was an interesting clip.  It is a neat piece of history that I had not known previously, but it also illustrates the the intensity of some individuals during a game.  Ironically, this was not the first time that Lou Saban “fired” his star running back.  He made a similar decision, though over a much longer period of time, with Cookie Gilchrist, when Saban was coaching the Buffalo Bills. read more

Jack Kemp Highlights from 1964

Here is a neat video that I found, showing Jack Kemp’s highlights from the Bills AFL championship season of 1964.  Kemp was a solid quarterback, and his name has occasionally come up in regards to the Hall of Fame.  Kemp retired in 1969, with 40 rushing touchdowns, 21,218 passing yards and 114 touchdown passes, but also with 183 interceptions, and only a 46.7 completion percentage and 57.3 passing rating.  Still, he was a good leader on-and-off the field, played in five AFL championship games and won two of them.  What do you think? read more

1963 AFL Championship Game

For someone like myself, who has spent countless hours learning about the Chargers of the 1960s, the 1963 AFL championship game has taken on a somewhat mythical existence.  Although, I think that is also the case for Chargers fans fortunate enough to have lived through that great era.  The AFL was still a new commodity then – fresh and exciting.  The ’63 Chargers had it all.  Beautiful uniforms, a season that began with one of the most legendary of training camps at the Rough Acres Ranch, an offensive system that was second-to-none, and a squad dripping with talent.  The stars aligned for the 1963 Chargers.  They built an 11-3 record for the season, and literally destroyed the Boston Patriots in the championship game by the score of 51-10.  That was the Chargers first, and still only league championship.  This video celebrates that championship victory. read more