The Best and Most Ignored…

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I was digging around the internet, looking for an article to share about former Chargers and Bengals tackle, Ernie Wright, when I came across this Yahoo piece from three years ago.  The article discusses the greatest Chargers players (on offense), who are not yet in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  I’m a big John Hadl fan, and believe that he is deserving on enshrinement in Canton.  The other thought that I have long had, which was reiterated by this piece, is that the Chargers have had some phenomenal offensive linemen throughout the years.  Ron Mix is certainly one of them, and he gets the most credit, but think about Ernie Wright, Walt Sweeney, Sam Gruneisen, Russ Washington, Doug Wilkerson, Don Macek, and Ed White.  Those are not only fantastic players, but also fantastic players who are not getting the recognition that they deserve.  Hopefully one day…

The Best San Diego Chargers Players Not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame : Offense

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  1. Eddie Arminio says:

    The NFL, with all their resources, should construct an AFL Hall of Fame.The building should be located in Kansas City, in honor of Lamar Hunt, the founder of the league. The present NFL Hall of Fame will never let many of former AFL stars in that hall who are definately deserving to be there. Hopefully, as time goes by, these men will never be forgotten.

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