The Greatest of AFL Reunions

Though I grew up a Chargers fan and still live in San Diego, I have a special place in my heart for the Kansas City Chiefs.  Obviously, Lamar Hunt, the Chiefs owner, founded the AFL.  But now, more than 50 years after the league’s inception, and several years after Hunt’s death, the Chiefs still do a great job of honoring their history.  They’ve built a beautiful museum that they call their Hall of Honor.  They are also one of the few NFL franchises to employ a team historian.  Bob Moore has that role in Kansas City, and he writes excellent, historical posts to the Chiefs website.

Yesterday Moore posted a story about an AFL reunion that was hosted in New York, and the people that attended.  It must have been really something.  Just imagine the stories that were told…

You can read the article HERE.

Todd Tobias (790 Posts)

Todd Tobias's interest in the American Football League began in 1998, when he wrote my master's thesis about Sid Gillman. He created this site to educate and entertain football fans with the stories of the American Football League, 1960-1969. You can follow Todd and get more AFL history on Twitter @TalesfromtheAFL.

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  1. TK says:

    Twenty years after the ‘Foolish Club’ formed, a reunion was held, as reported by Larry Felser in the the Buffalo Evening News in June 1979. Many of the American Football League principals had thoughts that are still shared by AFL fans and former players today, as we celebrate what would have been the AFL’s 50th season.
    Jerry Mays said “Nobody hated the NFL like I did. I live in Dallas now and I still can’t root for the Cowboys. I can root for the Oakland Raiders, believe it or not, but I can’t root for the Cowboys.”
    Sid Gillman was asked if his ’63 Chargers could have beaten the Chicago Bears if a Super Bowl had been played that year. “Absolutely,” said Sid.
    “And the AFL would have won the next year, too” said Al Davis, “because Buffalo had a helluva club with Tom Sestak, Ron Mcdole, George Saimes, Kemp, Billy Shaw, Stew Barber, Cookie (Gilchrist) and those guys. They would have beaten Cleveland in ’64.”

    I was pleased that Lamar Hunt mentioned me, but puzzled that his staff couldn’t find me. I’ve had the same phone number since the ‘sixties. ~ REMEMBER the AFL

  2. Jeff says:

    I’m with Jerry Mays, I grew up with the AFL and I root for the original 8. If one of them isn’t in the Super Bowl, I don’t care about it.

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