Van Miller Remembers

I seem to be going a little heavy on Buffalo Bills posts lately, but I just keep on finding such neat stuff.  Along the same lines of yesterday’s Al Bemiller interview, here is a similar one with longtime Bills announcer, Van Miller.  Miller did the play-by-play for the Bills from 1960-1971, and again from 1977-2003.  He has seen a lot of interesting football in his days, and shares some of those memories in the video above.




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  1. 1967 says:

    Whenever I see former Bills broadcaster Van Miller, recall the January 1, 1967 American Football League Pictorial/AFL Championship Game program, KC vs @BUFF.

    There inside on page 7, advertisement with Miller playing ‘center’ (sport coat & slacks), flanked either side by Bills ‘teammates’ offensive line, Van hiking the ball to QB Jack Kemp –

    ‘Keep In The Center Of Things At The Center of the Dial: WBEN-Radio 930’

    Van Miller
    all the action
    of all
    at home
    and away
    Follow the BILLS on WBEN

    Perhaps just due its simple emotion engendered, a black & white image compared today’s airbrushed/too perfect print ads, the image I’ve described stayed with a younger ‘1967’ through the years & still today, a tableau anamnesis never to be forgotten (layman’s terms: it’s indelibly etched in my memory as is the AFL – long may it live!)

  2. billd says:

    1967’s comment about Van Miller jogged my memory. I dug out the American League Pictorial from September 11, 1965, Pats vs Bills. On page 3, wearing sports and slacks is Van kicking with Kemp as his holder. “Van Miller Gives You the Extra Points of the Game,” WBEN-Radio Dial 930.

  3. 1967 says:

    Yup, appears Van is a regular ‘Cookie Gilchrist’ of the gridiron – more at kicking, centering & broadcasting – a triple threat, minimum…

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